Internet All-Star John Scott takes home game MVP honors, fueling new interest in his cardboard

johnscottWhat happens when a guy isn’t an All-Star but becomes an All-Star but isn’t an All-Star even when he’s an All-Star but then is allowed to be All-Star after all?

He scores two goals and wins the All-Star Game MVP, and that’s precisely what happened with John Scott on Sunday night.

The tale of a journeyman’s route to the NHL All-Star Game is one that had a lot of ups and downs and seemingly a lot of politics. (It’s a story that SBNation initially was all over here.) The basics? A fan vote led to a guy who’s played for six teams in eight seasons with 11 career points making the team. Then, when he was traded and demoted, he was thought to be no longer eligible for the game. Then the NHL said he could play.

And that’s what he did, clearly capturing the fans in Nashville as he received the loudest ovation pre-game and had a few chants for him during the action besides his goal-scoring moments. (Oh, and his helmet from the event is headed to the Hall of Fame.)

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