Could a feature film about family spark serious interest in Paige’s WWE trading cards? Bet on it …


The history books of professional wrestling are packed with stories about families that took part in the traveling caravan turned international spectacle — a mere mention of names such as McMahon, Hart, Von Erich, Funk, Guerrero and so many more can mean so many names to those who know wrestling.

But there’s one name — Bevis — that might become a household name in the future thanks to a feature film that’s in the works and revealed this week from Seven Bucks Productions, which is a company helmed by Dwayne Johnson. He’s a third-generation wrestling star you might know as The Rock and he’s flexed plenty of muscle lately when it comes to entertainment ventures without ring ropes.

And who’s Bevis? Thats Saraya-Jade Bevis, a WWE star from England who’s known as Paige inside the ring and it’s her story — her family’s story — that’s being developed into a movie. (Finally, we know what The Rock is cooking.)

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