First Buzz: 2017 Topps Star Wars High Tek trading cards

2017 Topps Star Wars High Tek trading cards
Arrives: Nov. 22
Box basics: One autograph per eight-card hobby box (12 boxes per case)
Checklist: Click here to view

What’s buzz-worthy: The third Star Wars set under the High Tek banner offers some new looks, new signers and new characters as the universe continues to expand on the screen and on cardboard.

Keep reading for more and a full gallery of images.

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Gwendoline Christie autographs coming from Topps

Captain Phasma autographs are coming to Topps Star Wars packs.

The company announced on Friday that Gwendoline Christie autographs will be coming in future releases for the legendary movie franchise.

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For Star Wars fans who need it all … Rey’s backpack & more

ivru_star_wars_reys_backpack_alt1It’s one part cosplay, one part functional.

Rey-backpackIt’s Rey’s backpack and it’s only found via two places — and GameStop — and is brought to life by Loungefly.

It’s officially licensed and allows fans to carry everything they need to have and even includes a stylized image of Rey and her speeder on the top panel as a nod to when it’s seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s $59.99 and not the only piece of unique Star Wars wearable memorabilia available now.

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Buzz Movie Trailer Vote: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (opens Dec. 16)

Star-Wars-Rogue-OneThe first trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has arrived in advance of its arrival on Dec. 16.

Check out the trailer — and tell us what you think — after the jump.

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Topps readies Star Wars promo sets for San Diego Comic-Con

13765855_932793726848189_2491092203677450164_oThe awakening is being felt once again in San Diego.

Topps has prepared five card sets for Star Wars that will be for sale at San Diego Comic-Con beginning tomorrow.

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Gallery – Topps Star Wars: The Force Awakens Series 2 trading cards

Today’s the day that Topps‘ second series of Star Wars: The Force Awakens trading cards officially arrive and some of the inclusions are quite rare and also quite deluxe for what is a very affordable brand.

Here’s a sampling of some of the cards found by collectors so far along with some of the images teased by Topps in advance of the release.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens DVD will include Topps Galactic Connexions discs at Walmart

12804755_847259655401597_7816796834007376349_nStar Wars: The Force Awakens arrives on DVD on April 5 collectors will have to hit Walmart stores for bonus items with the DVD that can’t be found anywhere else.

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Daisy Ridley autographs now available via Steiner Sports

Daisy-Ridley-Signed-Rey-CloseUp-With-BB8-8x10-Photo--RIDLPHS008000~PRODUCT_01--IMG_1200-1776288536One of the more in-demand autographs in the galaxy is now available.

It’s the ink of Star Wars: The Force Awakens star Daisy Ridley and it can be found via Steiner Sports.

The New Rochelle, N.Y.-based autograph memorabilia company offered nine signed photos on Monday night with prices starting at $649.99 for an 8-by-10 image.

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Next wave of Star Wars Funko Pop! figures includes Luke Skywalker & new Kylo Ren, Rey fighting poses

FK9611-2TStar Wars: The Force Awakens will spawn 11 more Funko Pop! figures later this year as the preliminary drawings of 11 more toys have arrived.

Coming in June will be a new new-look figure for Luke Skywalker (above) as well as other notables from the film.

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Topps readies a Star Wars: The Force Awakens autograph for … BB-8?

StarWarsBB8It was no surprise that one of the stars of Star Wars: The Force Awakens was the new droid in the franchise’s universe. Why? Because it was seen everywhere before the movie’s arrival, allowing us to marvel at the idea of a real robot — a head atop a rolling ball — being part of the action and not someone in a suit or something that’s purely computer-generated.

If you didn’t know, that robot was BB-8.

However, the news from Topps this week was a surprise as it’s going to have a BB-8 autographed card in 2016 Topps Star Wars: The Force Awakens Series 2 when it arrives late next month. How?

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Star Wars Galactic Connexions fans must eat fresh to collect them all

Subway1Star Wars Galactic Connexions fans will need to eat fresh to collect them all beginning tomorrow.

SubwayWalmartTopps‘ second series of packs for the collectible disc game arrives tomorrow only in Walmart stores, but that’s not the only reason that a fan would have to hit the retail giant.

There are also Connexions discs found only at Subway shops that are located inside of Walmart stores.

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Topps confirms John Boyega autos in The Force Awakens sets

BoyegaFoilparallelLess than two days away from the arrival of The Force Awakens and the newest Star Wars card sets, Topps solved one of the mysteries about its forthcoming releases.

TekJohn Boyega, who plays Finn in The Force Awakens, will appear on the autograph checklists for both 2015 Topps Star Wars High Tek and 2015 Topps Star Wars: The Force Awakens Series 1.

“We are very excited to have John Boyega join the Topps family,” said brand manager Mark Von Ohlen. “He’s such an important part of the movie and having him in the product was pivotal for us. We know all the fans out are going to love opening packs of cards knowing they can potentially find a John Boyega autograph.”

>> Click here to view the 2015 Topps Star Wars High Tek checklist

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How much will Daisy Ridley’s first Star Wars certified autograph cards sell for if they arrive on Friday?

StarWars-Force-Awakens-ReyWe’re less than two days away from the arrival of The Force Awakens and the newest Star Wars card set from Topps — and both have carry plenty of mystery.

Why? We don’t have a checklist yet because even it could contain potential spoilers.

StarWarsBoxThe checklist for 2015 Topps Star Wars: The Force Awakens Series 1 is coming as early as tomorrow and it’s likely to include the first autographs of the new generation of Star Wars stars — the likes of Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac and Adam Driver, who haven’t had certified autographs before.

And that got Buzz thinking about the possibilities.

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New Buzz: Products arriving this week (Dec. 13-19) include two Star Wars sets, Eminence & even more


If you haven’t felt the awakening yet, you will by Friday.

That’s the day that Star Wars: The Force Awakens arrives and that’s also the day that the galaxy right here right now gets a new set of Star Wars cards — one that includes full scenes from the film and the most-important thing of them all.

Autographs from the new faces of the franchise. (If you thought Star Wars was a force on cardboard before, you haven’t seen anything yet. Guaranteed.)

In fact, Friday’s release of 2015 Topps Star Wars: The Force Awakens is merely a first series of cards. In fact, it won’t even be the only Star Wars set of the week …

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Empire creates six Star Wars covers for The Force Awakens arrival

EmpireKyloRenThere will be an awakening in less than a month and we’ve all felt it in some form or fashion as collectors.

The latest example of that might be Empire magazine’s newest issue, which arrives this week with not one, not two, but six different covers for stars of Star Wars: The Force Awakens arriving on Dec. 18.

Each cover arrives with a 3D look delivered via lenticular plastic — you know, like the old school Kellogg’s and Sporflics cards … but just more intergalactic and stuff.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens has generated how much in toy sales?

StarWarsStar Wars is a force. We all know that it’s a behemoth at the box office, a trailblazer in the toy aisle and just about everywhere else these days in advance of The Force Awakens’ arrival next month.

But the sales figures estimates for the toy sales alone so far are staggering.

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Dallas Cowboys & Star Wars join forces to rule the apparel universe

Star-Wars-Dallas-Cowboys2How ’bout them Stormtroopers? Or … maybe The Force is strong with them Cowboys.

Star-Wars-Dallas-Cowboys18I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Or … It’s a trap!

No, Coach Ackbar, this is the latest merchandising push from the Dallas Cowboys — a line of co-branded apparel meshing Star Wars and the famous Death Star. You can see all of it if you try to keep reading.

Do or do not, though. There is no try.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer is here (updated)

The trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens arrived during Monday Night Football and has been viewed more than 10.1 million times in its first 13 hours online via the official Star Wars account on YouTube (above).

We want to know what you think. Tell us in a comment.


Updated with an international trailer … which is even better.

Board Buzz: Five must-read threads on the Blowout Forums (Oct. 20)

shoesThe Blowout Cards Forums are where thousands of collectors converge daily to discuss, well, a little bit of everything. Here are five threads about collecting and more that you should check out right now.

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