Aaron Judge’s record-setting 52nd home run jersey hits auction block

Aaron Judge owned The Big Apple this summer — and the hobby, too — and next week he could own at least one and maybe two awards.

And not long after that, somebody out there can own a historic piece of his memorabilia.

It’s the jersey he wore for his record-setting 52nd home run this season — a new MLB rookie mark topping the 49 of Mark McGwire back in 1987 — and it’s a key piece in Steiner Auctions current sale that ends in nine days.

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Steiner Sports gives New York Yankees fans 👎 autographs

New York Yankees fans have plenty to 👎 about this season — and Steiner Sports is on it.

The New Rochelle, N.Y.-based company revealed on Wednesday that it’s offering three “Thumbs Down” autographed baseballs to go with the team’s sarcastic trend that has it pushing toward a possible World Series appearance.

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Aaron Rodgers signs autograph exclusive with Steiner Sports

The Green Bay Packers’ quarterback has a new home — at least for autographs.

Steiner Sports revealed on Tuesday that it has signed Super Bowl champion and two-time league MVP Aaron Rodgers to an exclusive deal for autographed memorabilia.

He joins a roster of new signees that includes the Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry and New York Yankees shortstop Didi Gregorius and a football roster that previously included Eli Manning, Odell Beckham Jr., Lou Holtz and Archie Manning among others.

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Aaron Judge’s MLB debut and first home run jersey hits auction block

Update (July 31): It sold for $160,644.05 when bidding ended on Sunday.

Aaron Judge owns The Big Apple this summer — and the hobby, too — and now somebody can own a truly historic piece of his memorabilia.

It’s the jersey he wore for his MLB debut and his first career home run, and it’s a key piece in Steiner Auctions‘ Mid-summer Classic auction running for the next 30 days.

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Steiner Sports launches autograph line for ‘The Walking Dead’

It’s not screen-used, but it’s your chance to get your hands on an autographed “Lucille.”

Steiner Sports is getting into the business of The Walking Dead with the launch of a line of autographed pieces with two of the top stars from the popular and long-running series.

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Aaron Judge’s first grand slam jersey hits auction block via Steiner

Update: The jersey sold for $45,578.40 after eight bids.

How priceless are the pinstripes of the hottest New York Yankee?

We’ll find out soon as the game-used jersey worn during Aaron Judge‘s first career grand slam from May 28 is on the auction block.

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Are all buyback autographed cards the same? Not this one …

It’s got some rough edges, fuzzy corners, some light surface snow, and a curved-but-not-awful corner crease — but it’s got some character and it’s mine.

And it’s also signed by Rickey Henderson.

It’s a copy of his 1980 Topps Rookie Card and it’s also a recent pickup from a major autograph dealer. It’s also a story that has a few pieces that this collector thought made it interesting enough to present right here.

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Does the slab make the card? It doesn’t hurt these (gallery + poll)


Slabbed cards have been a part of the hobby for decades now but a few autograph companies have started getting into the trend in recent years by encasing cards to give them a bit better display presence at a fraction of the price for a signed photo or memorabilia piece.

And it helps that while storage and protection concern go away, too.

Two big autograph dealers — Steiner Sports and Fanatics Authentic — have pretty beefy runs of signed trading cards available that in some cases take the interesting creations of card companies and makes them better.

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Steiner Sports brings game-used ties to world (No, seriously)


We can hear it now across the office cafeteria …

“Hey, Lumbergh, you’ve got something on your tie.”

“That’s Yankee Stadium dirt, Peter.”

It could become a reality soon thanks to Steiner Sports, which has taken game-used to a new area with material from the stadium world to the office space.

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Deshaun Watson autographs now available via Steiner Sports


Clemson’s NFL-bound national championship-winning quarterback will be signing for a new team before the NFL Draft.

That team is Steiner Sports, which has a number of Deshaun Watson autographed items available for pre-order now in advance of a signing later this month.

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Unique Mickey Mantle autograph among cool items in Steiner auction

mantfos000000-2_medSometimes they just want a unique autograph.

Some vintage collectors out there may have a little bit of everything, which leaves them searching for unique pieces once they have all of the basics from when a past player was on the field. Sure, there are countless new cardboard creations for icons like Mickey Mantle, but this piece on the auction block from Steiner Sports is a bit different than the typical Mantle autograph.

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Steiner Sports gets into boxed niche with Ultimate Yankee Fan Box


Steiner Sports is jumping on a trend of the last few years with one of its newest promotion.

It’s the Ultimate Yankee Fan Box, and, while it’s not a subscription-based boxed memorabilia offering like LootCrate, it’s an interesting one to consider for fans of the New York Yankees or game-used and autographed memorabilia in general.

So, what’s guaranteed inside the 10-item box for $299.99?

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Steiner Sports’ Yogi Berra auction includes everyday items as well as legendary MLB memorabilia


“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

That’s one of Yogi Berra‘s famous Yogi-isms and Steiner Sports‘ current auction of the Hall of Famer’s memorabilia includes one item that fits that saying well.

It’s his driver’s license.

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Steiner Sports’ Don Larsen auction includes some real talkers


More than 300 items from the collection of New York Yankees great Don Larsen are on the auction block via Steiner Sports but they’re not all glorious tributes to the man who pitched a perfect game in the World Series.

Some include some real talk — like this letter to Larsen from former Kansas City Athletics General Manager Frank Lane.

Larsen, of course, went on to pitch into the 1967 season before retiring at age 37.

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Shaq’s size 22 “Shaq Attaq” Pumps are big deal for Steiner Sports

shaq-shoeShaquille O’Neal took his place among the newest members of the Basketball Hall of Fame this past weekend and it’s his shoes, which are now available via Steiner Sports, that show he’s still one of the biggest.

A limited run of O’Neal’s size 22 Reebok “Shaq Attaq” Pumps are available via Steiner and the sheer novelty of a shoe that large is a big part of the selling point.

So much so, Steiner also is selling them unsigned.

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Steiner Sports was in on Alex Rodriguez’s final game before it was even over — and you can be, too

ARodGU_medAlex Rodriguez‘s time as a New York Yankee on the field is over, but the auctions have just begun.

Steiner Sports is auctioning off one of the jerseys worn by A-Rod on Friday night as well as other memorabilia from the 6-3 victory as part of a “Farewell No. 13!” sale.

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Mike Piazza’s NYPD helmet from 2001 game heads to auction block


The helmet that Mike Piazza used in the first game after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks will be on the auction block and sold during an auction during the National Sports Collectors Convention in Atlantic City, N.J.

The New York Mets catcher and Hall of Famer’s helmet will be sold via Goldin Auctions with 50 percent of the buyer’s premium headed to a New York-based charity, Tuesday’s Children, which supports first-responders and their families.

“We are very lucky to have the opportunity to share such an important piece of baseball history and at the same time support the worthwhile work of this wonderful organization that supports those affected by the events of Sept. 11,” said Ken Goldin, the founder of Goldin Auctions. “Similar to Piazza’s jersey from that night, this helmet will forever connect fans to one of the most memorable moments in Mets history. Those who were lucky enough to be there, or view it on television will never forget it.”

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David Wright signs exclusive autograph deal with Steiner Sports

DavidWright_960x420Captain America has a new home when it comes to autographs.

New York Mets third baseman David Wright has signed an exclusive ink deal with Steiner Sports, which the company announced this week.

“David Wright has been the cornerstone of the New York Mets franchise for over a decade and has led the team’s talented young core into a new era of success,” said CEO Brandon Steiner. “Steiner Sports is proud to welcome David to our team and we are looking forward to opportunities to bring fans unique pieces of his signed memorabilia to cherish.”

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Steiner Sports lands rights to revisit The Beatles on canvas

The-Beatles-Abbey-Road-24x36-Stretched-CanvasSteiner Sports has four new stars on its roster — John, Paul, George and Ringo.

The New Rochelle, N.Y.-based company announced Monday that it has acquired the rights to The Beatles for canvas wall art and framed presentations as part of a deal with Bravado International.

“As both a sports and music enthusiast all my life,” said Brandon Steiner, the founder and CEO. “I am at once delighted and enthusiastic that not only is Steiner Sports now a part of the legacy of this most iconic and historical brand, but that we will now be able to bring unique products and memories to so many Beatles fans moving forward.”

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Trading Connor Shaw for a legendary PC piece via Steiner Sports

ConnorShawIf you’re a long-time reader of The Buzz, you may remember the Steiner Sports promotion that allowed anybody, anywhere to trade in a legit Cleveland Browns quarterback autograph from the past for a $100 gift card.

Buzz’s headline back in January played up the Johnny Manziel drama — sadly, it’s derailed completely since then — and but opted to take a shot here with a cheaper auto. Buzz picked off a Connor Shaw 2014 Panini Contenders autograph from COMC.com for just $1.99, had it delivered, followed the instructions from Steiner and mailed it in.

Buzz waited but never received a gift card — as it turns out, Steiner had so many requests as part of the promotion that it ran out of physical gift cards to mail. (Those still waiting should email the company with their info and address they used when they mailed in their Browns item.) After getting the discount info, Buzz waited again to find a key item to use the code. Today was the day as Buzz spent a few minutes to check out the site after a promotional email, wondering if a worthy item could be found and searching the game-used section, entertainment section and even the clearance rack for the right item.

And then Buzz found it.

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Steiner Sports launches Heisman Collection autographed helmets

Steiner-Heisman-CollectionThe Heisman Trophy is one of the most high-profile awards in sports, and its winners’ autographs are a coveted niche for fans who focus on football.

Steiner Sports knows this and has launched a new line of Heisman Collection autographs, a lineup that includes group-signed helmets as well as single-signed pieces from 23 past winners.

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Steiner Sports signs exclusive deal with Patriots cornerback and former Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Butler

Malcolm-Butler-Signed-Superbowl-49-INT-16x20-Photo--BUTLPHS016004~PRODUCT_01--IMG_1200--883866200A year may have passed, but there’s still interest in the autographs of Super Bowl 49 MVP and New England Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler.

So much so that Steiner Sports has signed him to an exclusive autograph deal.

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Daisy Ridley autographs now available via Steiner Sports

Daisy-Ridley-Signed-Rey-CloseUp-With-BB8-8x10-Photo--RIDLPHS008000~PRODUCT_01--IMG_1200-1776288536One of the more in-demand autographs in the galaxy is now available.

It’s the ink of Star Wars: The Force Awakens star Daisy Ridley and it can be found via Steiner Sports.

The New Rochelle, N.Y.-based autograph memorabilia company offered nine signed photos on Monday night with prices starting at $649.99 for an 8-by-10 image.

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Board Buzz: Five must-read threads on the Blowout Forums (Jan. 12)

JohnnyManzielThe Blowout Cards Forums are where thousands of collectors converge daily to discuss, well, a little bit of everything. Here are five threads about collecting and more that you should check out right now.

What’s Buzzing Today: The Steiner Sports Cleveland Browns trade-in, Nick Saban’s greatness, some Panini America NBA and baseball cases and one mighty pack of Star Wars cards.

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Board Buzz: Five must-read threads on the Blowout Forums (Jan. 8)

griffeyThe Blowout Cards Forums are where thousands of collectors converge daily to discuss, well, a little bit of everything. Here are five threads about collecting and more that you should check out right now.

What’s Buzzing Today: Ken Griffey Jr., Mike Piazza, Johnny Manziel, Steiner Sports, BGS 9.5s, Star Wars and more …

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Browns fans can trade Johnny Manziel … to Steiner Sports for $100

Manziel-BrownsSteiner Sports knows that Cleveland Browns fans have had a tough time collecting autographs of good quarterbacks lately and the New Rochelle, N.Y.-based autograph and memorabilia company announced a new program Thursday that may help take away some of the collecting pain caused by Johnny Football — and a few other notably bad quarterbacks in the team’s past, too.

You can trade in one of your certified autographed items of any Browns starting QB since 1999 for a $100 gift card.


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Kristaps Porzingis signs autograph exclusive with Steiner Sports

Porzingis-4Steiner Sports has landed the biggest rookie in New York these days for an exclusive autograph deal.

The rookie is Knicks star Kristaps Porzingis.

“It quickly became apparent that Kristaps is on to something special in New York,” said Steiner Sports CEO Brandon Steiner in an announcement on Thursday. “He is mature beyond his years and a true talent on the court. Steiner Sports has held a valued memorabilia partnership with Madison Square Garden since 2010 and we are looking forward to seeing Kristaps’ growth at The World’s Most Famous Arena as a member of the Steiner Sports family.”

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Full game-used memorabilia may not be as expensive as you think

RymerLiriano299Game-used collecting has changed immensely in the last 20 years or so with the memorabilia card — you know, those little swatches embedded into cards that can still get us going if it’s the right player or an impressively designed piece of cardboard.

Relics may not always be expensive these days, but they can add some definite variety and surprise into packs of cards — and partly because of the need for game-used items for cards it seems memorabilia has become more available than ever.

It’s not always expensive. In fact, it can be downright enticing to chase jerseys of players who you might not see all that often on cardboard (or even like!) simply because there are game-used bargains to be found.

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Jacksonville Jaguars Bold Rush gamers at auction through Sunday

Bortles_1_medJerseys from the Jacksonville Jaguars‘ Bold Rush game where the team wore striking gold uniforms are on the auction block benefitting charity with the sales ending later this weekend.

All proceeds from the jerseys worn during the team’s 19-13 win over the Tennessee Titans on Nov. 19 will go to the the Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation, which “supports programs benefiting economically and socially disadvantaged youth, families and other NFL and team charitable initiatives.”

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Yep, Mets star Matt Harvey signed that … and we’re no Joker

Matt-Harvey-Autographed-Batman-Mask-MLB-Authenticated--HARVMAS000001~PRODUCT_01--IMG_1200-1314281700If you’re a baseball fan, you know the comic book references were thick this year with the National League champion New York Mets.

Those things happen when you have Thor, Captain America and The Dark Knight all on one team.

But, we need to know, do you own their autographs?

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Soccer legend Pele to do public signing via Steiner Sports on Nov. 24

Pele-NewYorkCosmos-Jersey-SteinerSoccer’s biggest star, Pele, will do a public signing with Steiner Sports later this month, giving collectors a chance to meet the icon and pick up some coveted ink.

The event is set for Nov. 24 beginning at 6:30 p.m. at the Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, N.Y., and run until 8 p.m. More information can be found here, while several items can be pre-ordered via the company’s website.

Prices for signed 8-by-10 photos start at $649.99.

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