Star Wars: The Force Awakens DVD will include Topps Galactic Connexions discs at Walmart

12804755_847259655401597_7816796834007376349_nStar Wars: The Force Awakens arrives on DVD on April 5 collectors will have to hit Walmart stores for bonus items with the DVD that can’t be found anywhere else.

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Star Wars Galactic Connexions fans must eat fresh to collect them all

Subway1Star Wars Galactic Connexions fans will need to eat fresh to collect them all beginning tomorrow.

SubwayWalmartTopps‘ second series of packs for the collectible disc game arrives tomorrow only in Walmart stores, but that’s not the only reason that a fan would have to hit the retail giant.

There are also Connexions discs found only at Subway shops that are located inside of Walmart stores.

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