Peyton Manning Super Bowl 50 card launches Panini Eternal program

Peyton Manning SB50 Football - 2016 Panini Eternal Memorabilia Card #PE-PM1 - 1/1 – September 7 $2,499.99
Peyton Manning SB50 Football – 2016 Panini Eternal Memorabilia Card #PE-PM1 – 1/1 – September 7 $2,499.99

First there was Panini Instant. Now there’s Panini Eternal.

Panini America has a new take on real-time cardboard and the program was officially unveiled today with the announcement that a Peyton Manning Super Bowl 50 card coming on the heels of the teams’ rematch tomorrow night.

“Just as trading cards themselves continue to evolve, so, too, do the ways in which they’re brought to market. Panini Eternal is on the cutting edge in both regards,” said Mark Warsop, Panini America CEO. “Panini Eternal is about capturing history — game-specific memorabilia from the milestone moments in sports – and sharing it directly with fans and collectors. There’s nothing else quite like it in the NFL collectibles arena and we’re excited to begin this landmark journey with a tribute to Peyton Manning, the Denver Broncos and Super Bowl 50.”

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Peyton Manning retires: Seven basics you need for football cards

It was his last rodeo after all.

Peyton Manning‘s 18-year NFL career that includes five MVP awards, two Super Bowl rings and more touchdowns and passing yards than any other quarterback in history comes to an end on Monday in Denver when he’s expected to announce his retirement.

Manning is among the most-available and most-collectable quarterbacks in the history of the game — he’s also one of the most-valuable ones, too. Rather than rehash his Rookie Cards or priciest gems (there are plenty of both), here are seven basic ways to collect the legendary quarterback beloved in Indianapolis, admired in Denver and made “Omaha” a bit more famous.

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Panini America football cards get a cameo on The Ellen Show

The Ellen Show probably isn’t a place you’d expect to find football cards, but a recent episode included a cameo of Panini America while telling the story of 6-year-old Braylon Beam. He’s been battling brain cancer and was at Super Bowl 50 as a correspondent for the show.

Check it out.

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It’s about time for a Peyton Manning & Papa John autographed card

PapaJohnsMaybe it’s just the National Pizza Day buzz at work here — or maybe some of those Papa John’s commercials during NFL games — but Buzz has to wonder what kind of demand there might be for a Peyton Manning & John Schnatter dual autograph card.

PocketChangeMaybe it’s just a cheesy idea, but Buzz knows it wouldn’t sell for pocket change if we found Manning and the world’s most-famous pizza-selling football fan on a National Treasures card from Panini America. Buzz has imagined it above. Heck, maybe he’d be game for some kind of Ball State (where he went to school) or a Louisville college card, too? (The Cardinals play at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium.)

It would be a fun, memorable and valuable football card if it became a reality — one that might dwarf any other Manning autograph out there, too, simply because it’s something unique. Maybe J.J. Watt, Joe Montana and other NFL players who have had pizza ties could get in on the action, too?

Are you hungry for a card like this? Tell us here or on Twitter.

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Super Bowl 50 cardboard winners & losers from the Broncos & Panthers

von-millerIt’s pretty obvious who won and who lost after Super Bowl 50 on Sunday night without a glance at the scoreboard that read Broncos 24, Panthers 10.

The storybook finish happened for one, an emergence for another. And for the losing team we saw the best and the worst possibilities — for guys who have plenty of good and now bad potential on cardboard. Here’s a rundown …

Von Miller — Not long ago he was a guy coming off a suspension and an ACL tear, but on Sunday night the Broncos LB became one of a handful of defensive stars named the Super Bowl MVP. He recorded six tackles, two forced fumbles and two sacks for a loss of 27 yards. His strip of Cam Newton in the fourth quarter set up the final score of the game. Miller’s Rookie Cards can be found in 2011 boxes and he’s undoubtedly seen an uptick in interest simply because defensive stars are often overlooked. Will it last? Probably not, but he’ll always have the MVP award in the record book. It will help, though, if he remains in Denver.

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Super Bowl Commercials … watch some of the cool ones right here

Super-Bowl-50-LogoYou won’t see any sports card companies selling cardboard during Super Bowl 50, but there will be plenty of collectors watching Super Bowl commercials and Buzz will share some favorites here as they arrive during the game.

Which one is best? Tell Buzz here or on Twitter …

Super Bowl Commercial: Skittles
Buzz’s Take: Marshawn Lynch might have something to say about this one …

Super Bowl Commercial: Chunky Soup
Buzz’s Take: A classy football-related commercial that would make Donovan McNabb’s mom proud.

Super Bowl Commercial: X-Men Apocalypse
Buzz’s Take: Buzz hadn’t seen anything for this one, so it was pretty striking. (Meanwhile, 41 million of you have seen the previous trailer since December on just one YouTube account … Buzz was apparently in Star Wars mode back then.)

Super Bowl Commercial: Bud Light
Buzz’s Take: In what’s likely to be a series of commercials, Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer spoof politics. (For the record, neither one has a certified auto … just saying.)

Super Bowl Commercial: Doritos
Buzz’s Take: The leader for the creepiest and funniest commercial in the game so far …

More to come … keep reading.

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Buzz Movie Trailer Vote – Captain America: Civil War (opens May 6)

civilwar2The latest trailer for Captain America: Civil War just arrived just before Super Bowl 50 in advance of its arrival in May. Check it out below and take our poll.

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Board Buzz: Must-read threads on the Blowout Forums (Feb. 7)

yptr8nidThe Blowout Cards Forums are where thousands of collectors converge daily to discuss, well, a little bit of everything. Here are five threads about collecting and more that you should check out right now.

What’s Buzzing Today: Super Bowl 50, Superfractors, SportKings & more.

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They Tweeted It … Rob Gronkowski on the Kitten Bowl



You won’t find this cardboard in packs just yet … but Rob Groncatski clearly gets Rob Gronkowski‘s endorsement in advance of the Kitten Bowl.

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Need a collecting challenge? 2014 Topps Turkey Red football has some

bridgewaterWhat happens when you have a retail-only, hit-per-pack product that can be condition sensitive with a likely modest print run and sometimes-rocky collation? A super collecting challenge — and a product that is available now at an outrageous price as part of Blowout Cards’ Super Bowl 50 sale coinciding with the big game.

How outrageous? Keep reading …

2014tpturkeyredFBThe 2014 Topps Turkey Red football set presents a collecting challenge with some surprisingly expensive cards — even for rookies who may not have lived up to expectations. Need an example of how expensive? Click here. Yep, that much … even for Johnny Manziel. And one expensive card that’s unsigned? Click here.

There aren’t that many $100 cards popping out of retail packs regularly, but these two cards are not alone in Turkey Red. In fact that second sale above might be underselling the card based on scarcity. Overall, it seems autograph asking prices are healthy, too.

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The Blind Side’s Michael Oher will get another Super Bowl moment

michael-oherAs part of the unending pre-Super Bowl coverage, fans will inevitably hear more about a guy who’s not been seen on cardboard much in recent years.

It’s Carolina Panthers tackle Michael Oher — the subject of The Blind Side, an Oscar-nominated film from 2009 that starred Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw as his adopted parents.

Oher was a first-round pick out of Ole Miss in 2009 and was a member of the 2013 Baltimore Ravens, which won it all. But since then he’s battled injuries and was released by the Tennessee Titans before the Panthers came calling. His story being revisited could spark added interest in his football cards.

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Auction Gallery: Hunt’s Super Bowl 50 event packs serious history

watt395One of the biggest football auctions of the year is set for Friday and Saturday as Hunt Auctions continues its traditional Super Bowl sale.

The Super Bowl 50 Live Auction will be at the Moscone Center in San Francisco with more than 900 lots including modern-day game-dated memorabilia like the J.J. Watt Houston Texans gamer above — a jersey with a hefty price already in early bidding — and pieces from football’s early years. too.

Because of its high profile as part of the NFL Experience show, prices can be pretty strong once the auctions close.

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Do you know someone who would want a Carolina Panthers ball card?


It’s a simple idea, but Buzz thought it should come to life.

With all of the game-used touchdown balls from the Carolina Panthers heading into the stands to young fans this season, wouldn’t there also be a football fan or two out there interested in a game-used ball card like this one? (I mean, look at the kid in the Auburn hat. You know he’d want one right about now.)

Buzz grabbed an old (admittedly low-res) Prestige card image of the likely NFL MVP Cam Newton from eBay and meshed it with a new photo to create this what-if card and simply present the following question.

It’s a simple idea — and really something that’s already pretty commonly done just without the power of a timely and topical photograph. Something tells Buzz that a card like this would be popular right now — maybe even moreso in a couple of weeks if (or is it when?) the Panthers win Super Bowl 50. Or, perhaps there could be a set even more specifically branded to footballs for Panthers fans with a photo of Newton handing the ball toward the camera lens? Maybe a card in a commemorative Super Bowl championship set — or the key item in a kid-focused release.

Just an idea. This kid knows he’d want one.

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Cross this one off if Super Bowl 50 truly is Peyton Manning’s last rodeo

Peyton-OmahaGuess we can cross this cardboard off the possibilities list if Super Bowl 50 is, indeed, Peyton Manning‘s last rodeo. 

Buzz really was hoping for there to somehow be a Peyton Omaha rodeo card in the future. (Yep, there were Professional Bull Rider cards made back in 2009 — autographs, memorabilia and everything.)

The real point here? It’s OK to have some fun with collecting.

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Topps readies Super Bowl 50 commemorative football cards

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 11.38.50 AMSuper Bowl 50 is less than two weeks away, but the commemorative cardboard is already here.

Topps revealed on Monday a pair of Super Bowl 50 team sets — 5-by-7 jumbo cards for each team that will be limited to just 50 serial-numbered copies per set.

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Buzz Poll: Which remaining NFL quarterback is best on cardboard?

super-bowl-50-highlights-tom-bradyWe’re down to four NFL teams and we get a marquee matchup in the AFC Championship Game between quarterbacks Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

Plenty has and will be said about that one — and we have a likely league MVP playing in the NFC title game in Cam Newton — but we simply have a different question here.

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Panini teases Super Bowl 50 plans that include commemorative set

joe-montana-5-by-7Super Bowl 50 is coming soon and Panini America teased the first of its plans for the big game’s milestone event on Friday — and that includes commemorative cardboard for the past as well as the present.

A 20-card Super Bowl Highlights set will be found at the company’s booth during the Super Bowl 50 NFL Experience, a nine-day interactive that starts on Jan. 30 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Keep reading for more and a full gallery.

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Topps readies Super Bowl factory set + first NFL Cardboard Icon set


Topps‘ 2015 football set will get an extra touch for a limited release available starting on Wednesday.

The 2015 Topps NFL 50th Super Bowl set will consist of 500 cards with an extra Super Bowl 50 stamp added to each of the cards. The sets will only be available initially via for $50.

It’s not the only new football release coming from the company, either.

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