Panini SuperVIP spoils could be yours via BlowoutCards promo

2016pnvip02_zps2npbrrduThis year’s Panini VIP party at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Atlantic City, N.J., will have a Super twist — as in SuperVIPs that get plenty of extras — but wants to help others get in on the action without heading to the coast.

Details have not yet been revealed for the party, but only a handful of SuperVIP tickets will be available.

Each SuperVIP will get 800 silver wrapper redemption packs. They will get double the Gold VIP packs, too, a number that remains elusive (but it will be impressive). They will get two VIP Black Boxes. They will get a set of autographed photos from the athletes in attendance at the party as well as a piece of memorabilia from Panini Authentic and a SuperVIP box.

How is Blowout making this more attainable to you even if you’re not at the show or a VIP?

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