Interest in The Hobbit lives on via upcoming DVD set and Cryptozoic autographs & sketch cards

hobbit1_auto_a17_-_martin_freeman_aWe’re a couple years removed from The Hobbit movie trilogy’s completion on the big screen, but it’s pretty clear that the story of Middle-Earth is living on.

Middle-Earth-Blu-Ray-Box-SetThe first way to know this is the revealing of the Middle-Earth Ultimate Collectors Edition, a 30-disc set coming soon for the small screen that collects The Hobbit trilogy along with The Lord of the Rings trilogy to create the supreme viewing experience at a premium price. It’s $800 for a package loaded with extras — click the image at right for a hint at what’s included.

A second way — and perhaps the most-important way for collectors — to know that The Hobbit is living on is to examine the demand for autographs and sketch cards. We’re just a few months removed from the third in a trilogy of The Hobbit sets from Cryptozoic and there’s plenty of interest.

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