Four iconic Nintendo video games become canvas wall art

It’s a simple idea that could have big-time appeal.

The idea? Video game box covers as canvas art prints — and a selection of four iconic Nintendo  video games from the 1980s can be yours now for a relatively small price via

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ThinkGeek’s new Star Trek: TNG Trekini Swimwear far from the only clothing options for Trekkers

Star-Trek-Swimsuit-gallery-think-geek-isoo_st_one_piece_swimsuit_gridStar Trek will be in the news again soon with a new film coming soon, but thanks to ThinkGeek, Star Trek: The Next Generation had things buzzing online Tuesday.

Star-Trek-Swimsuit-gallery-think-geek-ef2d_star_trek_oven_mittThat’s thanks to its line of Trekini Swimwear unveiled today.

The new additions to the Trek lineup from the geek-inspired Fairfax, Va.-based company are far from the only wearables available to the masses. In fact, everything from baby onesies to oven mitts (right) and pajamas can be found along with t-shirts, sweatshirts and a bit of everything else.

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