Decision 2016 Series 2 sketch cards stuffing bid boxes on eBay


There wasn’t just one surprise on Election Day — and this other surprise has continued to pile up votes of another type — you know … bids — on eBay.

They are Decision 2016 Series 2 sketch cards and these card-sized drawings of politicians and others beyond Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have given the cut autographs in the product a run for their money.

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Decision 2016 Series 2 cards are here … what’s on the checklist?


The second series of Decision 2016 trading cards is here with a new wave of recent highlights, new inclusions, new cardboard takes on the Clinton and Trump campaigns and there are new autographs, too.

The format is also new with a boxed pack containing 30 cards instead of everything being placed  into individual wax packs.

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Black November Wave 3 is here — and here are five deals to consider


If you hadn’t noticed, there are a number of boxes with discounted prices now over on the mothership as’s Black November Wave 3 hits today.

Many of the discounts were dramatic enough that Buzz had to sit down and ponder the possibilities in many of the boxes and cases — and here are five boxes that caught this collector’s eye.

2009 Topps Mayo football hobby box 
TimKaineBuying older football boxes can be tough at times as players can come and go quite quickly, but, then again, so did this brand — but there aren’t many sets like it. It’s retro-styled football in the realm of Allen & Ginter with some downright unusual inclusions. Example? It’s the home of a Tim Kaine “Rookie Card” — perhaps notable to some collectors out there since we’re so close to Election Day. Mayo was only around two seasons, and it includes non-traditional autographs and Relics along with a decent mix of big football names. (The big names remain big but the rookies may not be.) For the price this one’s got potential and it’s bound to be very, very different than other NFL brands out there — no matter who you pull.

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First Buzz: Decision 2016 Series 2


What: Decision 2016 Series 2 trading cards
Arrives: Oct. 21
logoBox basics: Two hits in every 30-card box (16 boxes per case via four inners).

What’s buzz-worthy: The drama of the presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump returns to cardboard once again as a hobby-only release that includes a one-pack box and an autograph in every four-box inner case. The kicker? No more than 150 overall cases will be made.

Keep reading for more and a gallery of images from the product.

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To the victors go the spoils … Decision 2016 National exclusives now available via

Decision-2016-flagsElection Day is still a ways away but there will be spoils for those who are victorious buyers of Decision 2016 trading cards from

How? A limited number of remaining promo cards that had only been available with purchase at the National Sports Collectors Convention are now up for grabs.

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You’ll need to turn back clock & look for some Topps Mayo football packs to land Tim Kaine’s “Rookie Card”

TimKaineHillary Clinton‘s selection for her vice-presidential running mate appears on a handful of trading cards, but you’ll have to go find some old packs of football cards to find his first one.

Virginia Senator and former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine first appeared on cardboard back in 2009 when Topps released an Allen & Ginter-styled football set called Topps Mayo.

There, in the 2009 Topps Mayo United States Governors insert set you’ll find him nestled between James H. Douglas and Christine Gregoire in the 50-card set. These cards were among a few mini insert sets with cards found six times per hobby box.

That makes this a bit of a tough pull, but it’s not his only cardboard.

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