Buzz 12 in 12: Busting a 1992 Action Packed Rookie Update box (Hour 6)


Do you like Buzz Breaks? Today’s your day then as we launch 12 in 12 — a series of a dozen breaks of past wax boxes and wax packs in a dozen hours. We’ll post one every hour on the hour all day long today … and this is Hour 6.

12in12-logo-smallerThe pack: 1992 Action Packed Rookie Update football cards 
The cost now: 
The cost then: $2.49/pack, $59.76/box

What’s inside this box? Keep reading …

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Browns fans can trade Johnny Manziel … to Steiner Sports for $100

Manziel-BrownsSteiner Sports knows that Cleveland Browns fans have had a tough time collecting autographs of good quarterbacks lately and the New Rochelle, N.Y.-based autograph and memorabilia company announced a new program Thursday that may help take away some of the collecting pain caused by Johnny Football — and a few other notably bad quarterbacks in the team’s past, too.

You can trade in one of your certified autographed items of any Browns starting QB since 1999 for a $100 gift card.


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