Buzz Poll: Who do you think wins the World Series this year?

We’re inching closer to the final teams taking the field this year in MLB and, at this point, we have just a single question for collectors after a crazy year of rookie home runs and plenty of other drama.

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Potomac Nationals baseball card set can only be completed with visit to BlowoutCards-The Fantastic Store

The 40-year history of the Potomac Nationals includes some of the biggest names in the history of baseball — and the team has the baseball cards coming to prove it as part of a stadium giveaway.

Bryce Harper, Barry Bonds, Albert Pujols, Jorge Posada and Andy Pettitte are just some of the players who have suited up for the franchise that is now the Class-A Advanced affiliate of the Washington Nationals. All of those stars and more will be found in the 2017 Potomac Nationals’ 40th Anniversary Team card set honoring them all to be given away at a game later this month.

And it’s only at BlowoutCards-The Fantastic Store where that set can be completed.

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Not all 2012 Topps Bryce Harper Rookie Cards are same — but they still can be found in wax & sets

Bryce Harper‘s blistering start to the season is likely to help fuel continued interest in his past cardboard — yes, he has a lot — but his 2012 Topps Rookie Cards might be the one target of collectors and investors that has the most potential and room for dramatic changes.

Why? The various forms of wax boxes and factory sets help make them more available for nearly everyone to chase and collect.

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Gallery: 2017 MLB spring training & batting practice caps from New Era


A new baseball season is nearly here with the first spring training games set to air later this month and that’s when we’ll see the newest players on their new teams.

And many of them will be wearing new uniforms — well, at least new caps.

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They Tweeted It … Max Scherzer records biggest save of his career


So … that almost happened.

Max Scherzer tweeted the image above Wednesday night, proving that he’s capable of putting up a save, too. A second tweet showed some “dirty” purses in the trash — but there’s been no word on any offseason Disabled List stops for the Nationals ace … yet.

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Big Papi’s farewell & Party at Napoli’s get Topps Now autos


A Party at Napoli’s and Big Papi’s farewell are among today’s Topps Now baseball cards.

The lineup includes 18 cards available for only 24 hours via Topps’ online card program. David Ortiz‘s autographs along with Mike Napoli‘s marks the first time there are two autographs available on the same day — and they aren’t the only cards.

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Buzz Poll: Who do you see winning the World Series?


MLB’s postseason begins tonight … and we simply want to know who you think wins it all.

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Bryce Harper & Nationals are newest Topps Now championship team


The newest Topps Now team set is now here.

With the Washington Nationals clinching the National League East crown last night, Topps has unveiled a new take on its real-time baseball card program with another team set.

The Nationals are the third postseason team to get a team set released as an extended part of the program with the sets costing $49.99.

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Rain ruins Lucas Giolito’s MLB debut — but collectors still win

Washington Nationals pitcher Lucas Giolito made his big-league debut on Tuesday night but a rain delay prevented him from picking up a win.

Meanwhile, a win is what collectors will get as the game now makes him eligible for Rookie Cards in the remaining 2016 products from Topps and Panini America. (Will his first be a Topps Now card arriving within hours? Stay tuned. Update: Yep.)

The right-hander from Santa Monica, Calif., gave up just one hit in four innings, walking two and striking out one before the rain ended his night.

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Stephen Strasburg’s cardboard won’t reach 2010 heights, but there should be more interest to come

2010-Topps-Allen-Ginter-Stephen-StrasburgThe last time Stephen Strasburg took to the mound for the Washington Nationals and his team did not win was late last season. The last time Strasburg lost? That’s last season, too.

And the last time collectors seemed to truly care about his cardboard? … Arguably that might have been about six years ago.

Don’t look now, but the guy who owned the hobby in the summer of 2010 and owned the Washington Nationals’ hobby dollars (at least for a while) until some guy named Bryce Harper showed up just might be on the rebound and a compelling buy as a successful 2016 season builds.

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Fight game-used Bryce Harper jersey up for auction via Lelands


Update: Lelands has updated its posting to say the jersey is from that game, but likely worn before the fight.

It’s one of the most-memorable — and probably most-forgettable — moments in Washington Nationals history all at once and the game-used jersey of the team’s biggest star can be yours.

The jersey Bryce Harper wore when he was choked by teammate Jonathan Papelbon during a game last Sept. 27 is on the auction block via Lelands.

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This wax box may offer easiest way to pull a Bryce Harper autograph

Bryce-Harper-2009-USABryce Harper is the reigning National League MVP and easily one of the first names mentioned when someones asks “Who’s the best player in the game today?”

Collectors who have been around have known his name for several years now — he made his cardboard debut way back in the 2008-09 USA Baseball boxed set as a member of the 16U National Team — but the high demand for his autographs arguably hasn’t waned since his dramatic entry into the national consciousness on the cover of Sports Illustrated as a 16-year-old.

He’s signed plenty of autographs, but there’s still plenty of demand. Check eBay or COMC and you’ll see the lowest asking prices for his ink pushing or topping the $200 mark and that puts him out of reach for a lot of collectors.

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Max Scherzer’s historic game prompts key hobby question

Max-Scherzer-USAWashington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer did something last night that had only happened three other times in MLB history.

He struck out 20 batters in a game.

It’s a feat that only Roger Clemens, who did it twice, and Kerry Wood have done before, but in both of those pitchers’ cases there’s an iconic early baseball card to chase. For Clemens, his 1984 Fleer Update card is the one to own. For Wood, it’s his 1997 Bowman Chrome.

For Scherzer?

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Limited edition Nationals cap includes Bryce Harper Topps card

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 1.44.57 PMFour years ago, Bryce Harper made his MLB debut with plenty of collectors watching and plenty of money already spent on his cardboard.

He’s lived up to the hype since then as the reigning National League MVP, and to mark the four-year anniversary of the debut — and what he’s done since then — a limited edition cap and package was produced for Nationals fans to chase if they live in the D.C. area.

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In the Now: 2016 Topps Now baseball cards changing game (checklist & ongoing gallery)

2016-Topps-Now-12-Nomar-MazaraTopps‘ new program creating real baseball cards in real time documenting the highlights of the here and now have caught on with some collectors as this season has begun with some historic starts and impressive debuts for MLB rookies.

It’s 2016 Topps Now and the cards are only available for a 24-hour window. After that, the population reports are released and the next day’s cards are unveiled — all in made-to-order, real-time fashion.

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Making the Grade: Grading Diary I includes Derek Jeter, legendary ink, vintage, WWE Diva Paige & more

Buzz-Grading-Diary-1993-Upper-Deck-Derek-JeterLike many collectors, Buzz is a fan of grading and knows that there are many reasons that collectors choose to slab cards. Sometimes it’s to enhance the appeal and protect them when selling. Other times it’s to protect an investment for the long-term or to protect for sentimental reasons. Or, it might be just for fun or curiosity about a potential grade.

For the first Grading Diary here on The Buzz, it will be a mix of cards graded for a few reasons.

The Card: 1993 Upper Deck #449 Derek Jeter
The Reason Graded: This was pulled straight from an underpriced factory set and looked very clean except for a tiny spot on the back — Buzz figured it might push into the high grades even with the gloss issue. These cards are also not easy to pull from wax or sets cleanly because the high-gloss cards often stick together, peeling away specks of paper. Another reason? This is an iconic card that’s worth grading if you own a clean one.
The Grade: BGS 9

 Grade: 5 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 9 9.5 10 Total
Population: 24 20 65 124 334 761 1,314 1,579 806 307 3 5,360

Reality Check: The SP Jeter rookie is the one people chase, not this one. This one’s $20 on eBay — and perhaps undervalued considering how they grade on the pop report. BGS 9s and higher are really much rarer than people think.

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eBay Buzz: Bryce Harper’s Topps Bunt virtual auto went for what?


Topps Bunt is a phone app where plenty of collectors buy virtual packs of cards and then wheel and deal to land the ones they want. Some are easy to find, others are not.

This Bryce Harper Signature Card was an award — given out to those who completed a collecting challenge in the game — and it’s limited to only 16 copies.

Just like real cardboard with Harper’s autograph on them, there’s big interest in rare cards of the likely National League MVP. This card commanded a few bucks as the rights to the card were sold on eBay — something that’s been a pretty common occurrence in the last couple of years as more and more baseball fans try out the app.

How much did it go for? You wouldn’t believe it unless you saw it. (The actual amount paid was $299 less than that posted price, but … still.)

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