Board Buzz Gallery: Impressive and favorite non-sports autographs

Best-non-sports-autographs-gallery-Jennifer G
Is there one non-sports autograph you’d want to own? If you’re a fan of anything beyond the sports world, there’s probably one name that comes to mind first.

In some cases — Star Wars and Star Trek, for example — a personality may have plenty of autographs, but in others there may be just one.

Or none at all.

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Buzz Collector Profile: Nick Loiacono aka @YanksandBeans

nick LoiaconoNick Loiacono
Also known as: @YanksandBeans
Location: New York
Work away from cards: Mobile DJ (
Collecting since: 1986-91, 2008-present

Main focuses: Through-the-mail autographs, New York Yankees, Thurman Munson, Mariano Rivera, Rickey Henderson, Will Ferrell (on cardboard)

Favorite players/teams: I’ve always loved Yankees first basemen. When I started collecting again in 2008, I decided to “supercollect” Mark Teixeira. It was going good for a long time, but was getting frustrating as I was constantly getting outbid on auction sites by someone I dubbed as my “Nemesis.” Long Story short, that collector was featured on Buzz, Robert Morris, and to this day he remains one of my best collecting friends. I eventually conceded my collection to him and sent him all of my 1/1s to add to his insane collection. I still have great stuff, but I knew when to cut my losses.

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Best of 2015: The 15 trading cards that helped define a crazy year

15-HK-connormcdavidyounggunsIt’s a time of change, a time of high-end product exploration and a time of options for many collectors in what we call the sports card industry these days.

Tastes, products and prices continue to evolve as does the business environment that helps bring us our cardboard. For every super-pricey box being made, there are seemingly just as many buyers ready to rip or pick off singles for not-always-so-super prices (but super bargains).

The Buzz has only been around for part of 2015, but Buzz has been here all along as part of the world of collecting. Here are Buzz’s picks for 15 cards that helped define 2015.

2015-16 Upper Deck #201 Connor McDavid RC
The impressive prices being paid for what’s just a simple piece of cardboard with just gloss and some foil stamping shows that fundamentals never go out of style when there’s a big name involved. This time, it’s the No. 1 pick Connor McDavid, a Canadian phenom drafted by the Edmonton Oilers. This photo was selected by collectors and it even has a fun sign of 2015 — the fan showing off a photo on her phone in the background.

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Will Ferrell, NFL greats among those found in 2015 Topps Dynasty baseball card checklist

WillFerrell2015ToppsDynastyWhen 2015 Topps Dynasty baseball cards begin arriving in hobby shops on Wednesday, collectors who rip in might have a surprise or two inside the pricey one-card-per-pack boxes.

Dan Marino, Russell Wilson, Ichiro Suzuki, John Elway and Will Ferrell to be precise.

Sure, four of them never played in an MLB game that counted — but their appeal will carry them well in the secondary market. Dynasty is Topps’ highest-end baseball product with just one signed patch card or cut autograph per pack.

Topps released the final checklist on Monday so let’s take a peek at what’s inside.

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Topps teases Ichiro Suzuki patch autos coming in 2015 Topps Dynasty

IchiroSuzuki2015 Topps DynastyAdd Ichiro Suzuki to the list of signers for 2015 Topps Dynasty.

Topps teased the inclusion of the Japanese icon and future Hall of Famer on Tuesday with the three 1/1 cards seen here highlighting each of the teams the 15-year MLB veteran has played for.

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More Will Ferrell autographs — well, at least one — coming in boxes of 2015 Topps Dynasty baseball cards

WillFerrell2015ToppsDynastyWill Ferrell‘s baseball career may be over, but his baseball card career isn’t.

The big-league comedian who played a big-leaguer for a day in spring training this year will have at least one more baseball card appearance to come, and it will be in 2015 Topps Dynasty.

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