Fictional Food prints offer second look at moments & icons

Ballpark foods on baseball cards are fun (and coming soon from Topps), but Fictional Foods can be pretty cool, too.

That’s the name of a couple collections from Baltimore-based artist Joshua Budich that can be found via Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles.

Some of the prints are sold out — sadly, his tribute to Pulp Fiction‘s Big Kahuna Burger is already among those — but other prints can still be nabbed by collectors and they’re worth a look.

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Leaf launches real-time trading card program with Gene Wilder + poll (and ongoing Leaf Live gallery)

Leaf-live-Gene-WilderLeaf is getting into the real-time trading-cards-on-demand trend with the launch of Leaf Live after the death of actor Gene Wilder.

Announced late Tuesday night, Leaf Live will focus on events that collectors want a piece of on cardboard.

“Whether the print run is 10 copies or 500, Leaf pledges to let the marketplace determine the print run of its special offerings,” read the company announcement for the card. Continue reading

Comedy icon Gene Wilder dies at 83

2015-leaf-pop-century-gene-wilderHe was Willie Wonka, he was Dr. Frankenstein. He was that and so much more.

Gene Wilder‘s roles were both eclectic and memorable and they helped entertain in comedies for all ages in TV and movie roles that spanned more than five decades. He died on Sunday in Connecticut after suffering complications from Alzheimer’s disease. He was 83.

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Gallery: Funko Pop! toys coming to a store near you in coming months

2016-funko-pop!-coming-soon-6Beginning this month, Funko has several waves of new Pop! vinyl figures coming for some big franchises in film and TV from the past and the present.

The new Ghostbusters, Aliens, Flash Gordon, Mean Girls, Willy Wonka, DragonBallZ, Through the Looking Glass and Harry Potter are just some of the properties with figures coming between now and August.

Oh, and it’s also got the likes of UFC stars Ronda Rousey and Connor McGregor on the way along with the fighters in the political world — Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders — scheduled to become toys, too.

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