What’s a personalization worth to you? WWE tests the market …

The question in the headline is a simple one — what’s a personalization worth to you?

Some collectors would pay more for an item with a message to them, while others would opt for an autograph without anything extra as it would be easiest to sell without a personalization.

WWE is testing that market with a series of five autographed photos available via its auction site for a price — and a limited time.

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Full game-used memorabilia may not be as expensive as you think

RymerLiriano299Game-used collecting has changed immensely in the last 20 years or so with the memorabilia card — you know, those little swatches embedded into cards that can still get us going if it’s the right player or an impressively designed piece of cardboard.

Relics may not always be expensive these days, but they can add some definite variety and surprise into packs of cards — and partly because of the need for game-used items for cards it seems memorabilia has become more available than ever.

It’s not always expensive. In fact, it can be downright enticing to chase jerseys of players who you might not see all that often on cardboard (or even like!) simply because there are game-used bargains to be found.

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