Sylvester Stallone puts iconic pieces of movie memorabilia on auction block via Heritage next week

Heritage-Stallone-Rocky4trunksWhen you think of Sylvester Stallone‘s career, one character probably comes to mind first.

Rocky Balboa.

The memorabilia left over from that big-screen boxer’s multi-film career are among countless lots being sold next week as Stallone has chosen Heritage Auctions to sell pieces from throughout his career. It’s a collection of memorabilia that spans from the first Rocky films and includes Rambo, The Expendables and plenty more.


“There are more than 1,400 props, costumes and personal items consigned by Mr. Stallone that will be available to his fans worldwide,” said Greg Rohan, the President of Heritage Auctions. “He is an international superstar, and these items include some of the iconic, cultural symbols of clothing and props from his most famous and loved action films.”

The auction is set for Los Angeles beginning next Friday (Dec. 18), but bidding already has been opened up online. The gloves he wore in Rocky II are among the top pieces already at $300,000 as is the championship belt seen here. A simple Mead notebook with notes and ideas for the original hand-written Rocky script is at $150,000 right now and is estimated to sell for more than a quarter million.

So, in other words, this auction is going to be a heavyweight.

A selection of pieces is in our gallery below, but you can see all of the items up for grabs by clicking here.

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