Honus Bonus Fantasy Baseball offers new ways to play & collect

A new player in the fantasy baseball realm — as well as the baseball card world — is here.

It’s Honus Bonus Fantasy Baseball and it’s a combination of fantasy play with more than $6,200 in cash prizes up for grabs and collecting where every single card has a scratch-off code for the player to enter your lineup.

It also presents a collecting challenge — do you scratch the card or keep it mint?

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First Buzz: Yu-Gi-Oh! Maximum Crisis Special Edition

yu-gi-oh-maximum-crisis-special-editionWhat: Yu-Gi-Oh! Maximum Crisis Special Edition
Arrives: June 9
Box basics: Three Maximum Crisis booster packs, one of two variant foil cards and one of two preview cards for the summer booster set.

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MLBPA approves licensing deal for Honus Bonus Fantasy Baseball game


The MLBPA has approved a licensing deal for a new fantasy baseball game to arrive this spring that will utilize packs of cards as part of the action.

honus-bonus-1It’s Honus Bonus Fantasy Baseball and it’s being launched by Rittenhouse Archives president Steve Charendoff, who is also at the helm of Honus Bonus Partners.

“As a lifelong baseball card collector and long-time fantasy game player, it made perfect sense to combine these two overlapping passions in this unique series of cards,” Charendoff said in a prepared release. “We’re extremely pleased to partner with the MLBPA, particularly at this time when so many of its players are enjoying unprecedented popularity.”

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Two Pokemon 20th anniversary imports now available via Blowout


Pokemon turned 20 years old this year and the popular animated series and trading card game has had its share of fans and collectors through all those years — collectors from around the world.

And that’s where Blowout reached out to land a pair of items from the Japanese market that are now available to fans here in the United States.

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First Buzz: Yu-Gi-Oh! Invasion: Vengeance Special Edition

Yu-gi-oh-invasion-vengeanceWhat: Yu-Gi-Oh! Invasion: Vengeance Special Edition
Arrives: Dec. 9
Box basics: Three packs, one Super Rare and one preview card per deck, 10 decks per display  (12 displays per case)

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First Buzz: 2016 Afterworld Genesis trading card game

AfterworldWhat: 2016 Afterworld Genesis trading card game
 Sept. 30
Box basics: 20 10-card packs per box (12 boxes per case via two inner cases)

What’s buzz-worthy: Panini America unleashes a new TCG, which we’ll let them sum up like this: “In the Afterworld, the greatest champions from the civilizations of Atlantis, Viking legend, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Japan are pitted against each other for dominance. With stunning original artwork and exciting gameplay, Afterworld offers players the best of both worlds, a complete and compelling game experience with the fun of chasing rare cards to enhance the experience.”

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Red is one color you’ll want to see in new third series of Topps Star Wars Galactic Connexions


The third series of Topps Star Wars Galactic Connexions arrived in Walmart stores yesterday and there’s one color besides gold that you’ll want to see inside packs of the collectable gaming discs.

Imperial Red.

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First Buzz: Yu-Gi-Oh! Rise of the True Dragons Structure Deck

 Yu-Gi-Oh! Rise of the True Dragons Structure Deck
Arrives: July 15
Box basics: 41 cards per deck (eight decks per display box)

KonamiLogoWhat’s buzz-worthy: According to Konami, the second half of this year “is a season for Dragons” with this one being the second of four products focusing on the dragon strategy from the original series. It includes “new high-level dragons that banish opposing cards when summoned, and gain more attack points for each card they banish” while “warriors work with any high-level dragons, including dragons from other decks and booster sets.” … Each deck includes two Ultra Rares, three Super Rares and 36 Commons.

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Star Wars Connexions Princess Leia 14k gold discs are still out there … but not in a galaxy far, far away

ConnexionsThere has been plenty of Star Wars merchandise in the last year — and there’s still more to come along with plenty of movies — but there are few Star Wars items that are as rare as the Topps Star Wars Galactic Connexions gold discs.

Just five copies of the Slave Leia disc were made for the first series of Connexions — and they are found via redemptions since they are made of 14-karat gold. Just two of the five have been found — a collector named Mike was the latest as seen above — and there are five more in Series 2.

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First Buzz: Yu-Gi-Oh! starter – Yuya

Yugioh-YuyaWhat: Yu-Gi-Oh! starter deck – Yuya
Arrives: May 27
Box basics: 43 cards per deck (10 decks per display)

KonamiLogoWhat’s buzz-worthy: According to Konami, this one is “specially crafted to gear up new duelists for the stage as well as adding new support cards” in what is a pre-constructed deck. … According to the company, there are 10 new cards in this one. … The starter deck will contain 35 common cards, three Super Rare, two Ultra Rare and three Token cards.

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First Buzz: 2016-17 Topps UEFA Champions League Match Attax soccer gaming cards

16-17-Topps-UEFA-Champions-League-Match-Attax-logoWhat: 2016-17 Topps UEFA Champions League Match Attax soccer gaming cards
Arrives: Sept. 29
Box basics: Six cards per pack and 50 packs per display box (16 boxes per case)

What’s buzz-worthy: Topps brings its international trading card game to the world of Champions League soccer with a four-pronged attack on how to play the pitch — booster boxes, display boxes, multi-packs and starter packs.

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First Buzz: Yu-Gi-Oh! Shining Victories

 Yu-Gi-Oh! Shining Victories
Arrives: May 6, 2016
Box basics: nine cards per blister pack (240 blister packs per case)

KonamiLogoWhat’s buzz-worthy: According to Konami, this new core booster “marks the return of Blue-Eyes White Dragon and a plethora of specially crafted Blue Eyes monsters and support cards to help crush non-believers of Kaiba.”

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New Buzz: Products out this week (Jan. 24-30) include Signature Series, Leaf Trinity & new Yu-gi-oh release

15pndnsigserFB1Call this week the calm before the storm.

There are just three brands on the schedule for release this week — one football, one baseball, one gaming — in advance of 11 coming next week.

For football fans, Panini America presents 2015 Donruss Signature Series, which includes four autographs per box. The base set consists of 400 signed cards and every box includes an autographed rookie jersey — or a multi-auto booklet, which is found one per case.

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New Buzz: Products out this week (Jan. 17-23) include NHL, new GPK, Daizy Dukez, Pokemon & Magic

SP-Game-Used-HKIt’s a week for hockey fans and non-sports/gaming collectors as that is all that’s on tap this week  with just five releases on the schedule.

Set to arrive on Wednesday from Upper Deck is the latest NHL brand, 2015-16 SP Game-used, which will include five cards per box — and all of them will be autograph or memorabilia cards. There will be a mix of rookies, patches, Stadium Series cards, gloves, pads and more in this high-end product.
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First Buzz: Yu-Gi-Oh! Millenium Pack

 Yu-Gi-Oh! Millenium Pack
Arrives: April 15, 2016
Box basics: 36 packs per box, five cards per pack (12 boxes per case)

KonamiLogoWhat’s buzz-worthy: According to Konami, a five-card pack will contain “a mix of revamped and new cards” as an “easy way for all fans to get ahold of awesome cards” in this release that gives a new look to old favorites from the original Yu-Gi-Oh! television series.

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Star Wars Galactic Connexions fans must eat fresh to collect them all

Subway1Star Wars Galactic Connexions fans will need to eat fresh to collect them all beginning tomorrow.

SubwayWalmartTopps‘ second series of packs for the collectible disc game arrives tomorrow only in Walmart stores, but that’s not the only reason that a fan would have to hit the retail giant.

There are also Connexions discs found only at Subway shops that are located inside of Walmart stores.

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First Buzz: Yu-Gi-Oh! Premium Gold Infinite Gold

YugiohPremiumGold-logoWhat: Yu-Gi-Oh! Premium Gold Infinite Gold
Arrives: March 18, 2016
Box basics: three packs per box with 15 cards  total — six Gold Secrets and nine Gold Rares

KonamiLogoWhat’s buzz-worthy: According to Konami, a five-card mini-pack contains two Gold Secrets “each card a brand-new, never- before-seen card including several powerful monsters for your Extra Deck.”

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