One 1992 Pro Line football card’s story includes three Super Bowl rings & four NFL team employees

If you’re a long-time reader of The Buzz, then you’ve seen this card before, but with the Super Bowl last night in Minneapolis there was a reason for it to hit The Buzz’s Twitter Machine, too.

It’s a 1992 Pro Line Profiles card for Hall of Famer Howie Long, and it was among the few tweets in an 11-hour marathon for Super Bowl LII last night simply because of the tree-climbing kid on the right.

Why? That’s Eagles defensive end Chris Long, who was roughly six years old at the time of this family portrait that made its way to cardboard — and that’s far from the only piece of trivia here.

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Alexa Bliss hits Loot Crate HQ with improvements for WWE Slam Crate

If you’re a regular reader of The Buzz, then you probably know about WWE Slam Crate and have seen the contents of each previous crate broken down right here. 

But you haven’t seen an assessment like this as WWE Raw women’s champion Alexa Bliss recently visited the company’s headquarters in Bell, Calif, and just isn’t having what she’s seeing in the subscription boxes.

Check it out … just for fun.

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Aaron Judge could have been an Oakland A’s star — and here’s his 2010 Bowman Draft Picks card

You probably know Aaron Judge by now. After all, he’s tied for the MLB lead with 15 home runs, is the 6-foot-7 young face of the New York Yankees and on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

But in an alternate reality — and an alternate reality with baseball cards — none of this would have happened. He’d be playing somewhere else.

You probably didn’t know — this collector didn’t — that Judge was once a draft pick of the Oakland A’s, the Moneyballing squad that ultimately sends all of its star players to the Yankees anyway and gets its playoff hopes dashed by Yankees stars and unlikely plays that will never, ever go away. (They even start off movies made about the A’s.)

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FaceApp and iconic baseball cards? Oh, the possibilities … let’s begin

There’s a new phone app that allows you to turn that frown upside down, get younger or get older all with a click on a screen,

It’s called FaceApp and it’s a free download for iPhone users to have some fun — and naturally this collector instantly thought of baseball cards.

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Steiner Sports brings game-used ties to world (No, seriously)


We can hear it now across the office cafeteria …

“Hey, Lumbergh, you’ve got something on your tie.”

“That’s Yankee Stadium dirt, Peter.”

It could become a reality soon thanks to Steiner Sports, which has taken game-used to a new area with material from the stadium world to the office space.

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Dedicated collector’s custom card hobby becomes option for everyone


It started as a hobby to bring cards that didn’t exist to life — and now it can help bring your legends’ cards into existence.

9b7d1c3d42c715b9c797933af6b5c233Tanner Jones is a dedicated Jose Canseco collector who lamented the fact that for years his retired but controversial slugger hadn’t been found on all of the new, creative cards being made — and often not with all of his MLB teams. So he started making cards of his own — and then one day a year ago the idea of his Custom Cuts kits was born.

“I have had so many people ask me ‘How do you do it?’ and I’ve seen the desirability of making your own creations go up significantly,” Jones said. “After thinking about it for a while, I thought to myself people are already acclimated to the thought of cut autos why not cut pictures as well? I played around with the template idea quite a while ago, and then back-burnered it until a few months ago.”

For now, there are just two types of kits available — and they allow buyers a start on making their own cards using their own images or documents, while some have used them to re-purpose components of damaged cards into new creations.

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One just for fun: Bo Jackson is back in the game … you know, Tecmo Bowl


You may have seen a hint of him during last night’s game in one commercial’s montage, but Bo Jackson is back in the game.

Rather than say much … this is just one you need to watch. Keep reading to see two videos.

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Scenes from the Show … Before The National begins (and more)


Update: This post started on Monday and its gallery is updating throughout the preview night on Wednesday. There will be new galleries to come beginning on Thursday.

The calm before the storm is here.

On-floor preparation for this year’s National Sports Collectors Convention has begun inside the Atlantic City Convention center. What you see here is the view of what will become Booth No. 1220, the home of for the show, which begins Wednesday evening and runs through Sunday evening.

But that’s not the only early scene seen so far …

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Did you know … Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck has a book club?

519fcb84-b6d6-4407-9d20-3046e9bb0184_800He’s starred on the field, offered up some luck in commercials and even starred in a meme or two with his epic beard, but there’s one thing you might not have known about Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck.

He’s got a book club.

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Is this where J.R. Smith’s missing shirt went? Ok, maybe not …

J.R.SmithHe’s played a decade in the NBA for four teams but now that he’s got an NBA championship there’s one member of the Cleveland Cavaliers who just might have one of the rarer — and dare we say hotter — basketball cards of the bunch?

Ok, maybe not — but maybe J.R. Smith‘s missing shirt might spark interest in his memorabilia cards?

Again, maybe not, but it’s a fun thought.

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Chewbacca Mom’s unboxing video is just plain fun — and a hit for Hasbro


Laugh it up, fuzzball? Yes, yes she did.

A simple unboxing video of a Star Wars Chewbacca electronic mask made by Hasbro has been viewed millions of times in just a few weeks

Why? You’ll just have to watch.

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Tom Brady’s cookbook clearly pumps up a few foodies

Tom-Brady-Cookbook-1It’s two pieces of maple held together with three screws. A “TB12” logo is laser-etched into the surface and in between are pages of recipes printed on 100-pound full-color paper.

Its official name is the TB12™ Nutrition Manual and it’s a cookbook. Its creator? New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Its cost? A mere $200.

And it’s sold out.

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Bryzzo Souvenir Co. … authenticated with their bats


Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo are going into the memorabilia business (sort of) with the Bryzzo Souvenir Co.

Click here to check out their video from the MLB Network. Buzz figured a collector or two might enjoy — and there’s got to be come potential real-world marketing memorabilia — Bryzzobilia? — to come here.


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Minor league baseball team plans Philly Cheesesteak tribute

gallery2-large-1A minor league baseball team will change its name for a night this summer as a tribute to the Philly Cheesesteak — and you can wear the uniform.

Why? … Why not?

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They Tweeted It … Antonio Brown


Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown will be trading in his cleats for Dancing With the Stars soon and that’s perhaps what prompted this tweet on Thursday.

Or maybe he’s just taking over the Skittles beat from the retired Marshawn Lynch?

Sorta legit collecting question: What might something like this sell for at auction if “show-used”?

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Collecting this Boog Powell isn’t as easy as collecting Boog Powell

boog-powellYou should know the name, but you probably don’t know the player.

At least this one.

His baseball name is Boog Powell, his real name is Herschel. He’s not related to John Wesley Powell, aka Boog Powell, but they share the nickname because his dad was a fan of the Baltimore Orioles icon of the 1960s and the 1970 American League MVP.

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Board Buzz: Must-read threads on the Blowout Forums (March 1)

dk cut 1The Blowout Cards Forums are where thousands of collectors converge daily to discuss, well, a little bit of everything. Here are five threads about collecting and more that you should check out right now.

What’s Buzzing Today: Cut autos, new Topps Supreme football breaks & more

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Topps’ New WWE Road to WrestleMania set … home of the selfie stick Rookie Card?

selfie-stick-rookie-cardThe newest Topps WWE trading card set officially arrives in hobby shops tomorrow and 2016 Topps WWE Road to WrestleMania includes a likely first for any trading card in any sport.

(At least we hope it is.)

It’s the first cardboard appearance of a selfie stick.

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It’s about time for a Peyton Manning & Papa John autographed card

PapaJohnsMaybe it’s just the National Pizza Day buzz at work here — or maybe some of those Papa John’s commercials during NFL games — but Buzz has to wonder what kind of demand there might be for a Peyton Manning & John Schnatter dual autograph card.

PocketChangeMaybe it’s just a cheesy idea, but Buzz knows it wouldn’t sell for pocket change if we found Manning and the world’s most-famous pizza-selling football fan on a National Treasures card from Panini America. Buzz has imagined it above. Heck, maybe he’d be game for some kind of Ball State (where he went to school) or a Louisville college card, too? (The Cardinals play at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium.)

It would be a fun, memorable and valuable football card if it became a reality — one that might dwarf any other Manning autograph out there, too, simply because it’s something unique. Maybe J.J. Watt, Joe Montana and other NFL players who have had pizza ties could get in on the action, too?

Are you hungry for a card like this? Tell us here or on Twitter.

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Geek Gallery: Creative everyday items for movie & TV fans

1dbd_flux_capacitor_car_chargerWhen it comes to the sports world, there’s plenty of licensed merchandise for fans to use in their daily lives when they’re not focused on baseball, football or whatever their pastime may be.

But why can’t it be more creative? Sure, maybe the sports world doesn’t translate as well to fun merch like what you see here — it’s is one of a few items found via

What is it? It’s a USB car charger — but what it really is a Flux Capacitor that will transform your vehicle into a time machine. Or something. Keep reading to see a few more cool things that can geek up your day …

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Do you know someone who would want a Carolina Panthers ball card?


It’s a simple idea, but Buzz thought it should come to life.

With all of the game-used touchdown balls from the Carolina Panthers heading into the stands to young fans this season, wouldn’t there also be a football fan or two out there interested in a game-used ball card like this one? (I mean, look at the kid in the Auburn hat. You know he’d want one right about now.)

Buzz grabbed an old (admittedly low-res) Prestige card image of the likely NFL MVP Cam Newton from eBay and meshed it with a new photo to create this what-if card and simply present the following question.

It’s a simple idea — and really something that’s already pretty commonly done just without the power of a timely and topical photograph. Something tells Buzz that a card like this would be popular right now — maybe even moreso in a couple of weeks if (or is it when?) the Panthers win Super Bowl 50. Or, perhaps there could be a set even more specifically branded to footballs for Panthers fans with a photo of Newton handing the ball toward the camera lens? Maybe a card in a commemorative Super Bowl championship set — or the key item in a kid-focused release.

Just an idea. This kid knows he’d want one.

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Cross this one off if Super Bowl 50 truly is Peyton Manning’s last rodeo

Peyton-OmahaGuess we can cross this cardboard off the possibilities list if Super Bowl 50 is, indeed, Peyton Manning‘s last rodeo. 

Buzz really was hoping for there to somehow be a Peyton Omaha rodeo card in the future. (Yep, there were Professional Bull Rider cards made back in 2009 — autographs, memorabilia and everything.)

The real point here? It’s OK to have some fun with collecting.

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Only in WWE does a trombone get a shirt … is a Relic card next?

francescaWhat you see here is a commemorative T-shirt for a trombone that met her demise recently at the hands of the vicious Chris Jericho in the world of WWE.

No, really, and it can be yours for $24.99. The store description on reads: “In loving memory of Francesca The Trombone, the fourth member of The New Day. She will live in our hearts forever.”

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Are you a snowed-in collector due to Winter Storm Jonas? Don’t blame these guys … collect ’em!

BlizzardIf you’re in certain parts of the U.S. as you read this, then you’re snowed in thanks to Mother Nature and Winter Storm Jonas.

It will probably give you some time to consider collecting some new players.

Maybe Brett Blizzard is an option — he had a pretty decorated college career but never made it to the NBA. He did have cardboard, though, and he’s still playing overseas.

But he’s not your only option …

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It’s officially awards season and Buzz’s Oscar picks are in …

Kanye-West-Taylor-SwiftHollywood’s awards season is here with the nominees for the SAG and Golden Globes arriving this week and the inevitable chatter about who might get an Oscar nomination on Jan. 15 heating up online.

ToppsOscarGood luck finding yourself Oscar cardboard, though, as cards showing Hollywood’s biggest honor aren’t all that common at all. In fact, they’re downright scarce even though countless Oscar winners themselves have appeared on cards. (At right is a 2005 Topps Chronicles card Buzz bets most of you have never seen.)

Because of that, we’re going with a different piece of awards cardboard above — you all remember that one and its 2011 Topps American Pie card, right? — as Buzz presents his picks for the top Oscars collectors need to know.

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