Buzz Collector Profile: Tony Yi — an Ichiro Suzuki fan aka The Ichiro Vault

Tony Yi

Also known as: @theichirovault and iamtony33 on Blowout Forum
Location: Washington
Work away from cards: Corporate management
Collecting since: 2011

Main focuses: Ichiro Suzuki, Robinson Cano and 1/1 cards — he owns 335 1/1s and 42 of those are Superfractors.

Favorite teams: Seattle Mariners, Washington Huskies football

Current collecting projects: I used to work on rainbow projects often, and I have completed 14 of them. They have become too time-consuming so I now mainly concentrate on obtaining Ichiro, Cano and certain 1/1 cards. There is one Ichiro rainbow I will never stop trying for though and it’s from my favorite set, 2012 Topps Chrome. All I am missing is the Superfractor that sold years ago and I assume its in a PC collection forever. But if anyone knows who has it, please let me know.

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Buzz Collector Profile: Eric Biunno

INtroEric Biunno
Also known as: Cyber Warrior on Blowout
Location: New York
Work away from comics: Owner/operator medical transporter service
Collecting since: 2002

Main focuses: J. Scott Campbell, Adam Hughes & Artgerm comics, Sideshow Premium Format statues.

BuzzProfiles-LogoFavorite artists/publishers: J. Scott Campbell, Adam Hughes & Artgerm and Marvel, DC, Image

Current collecting projects: Hard to find Campbell variants.

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Buzz Collector Profile: Jimmy Grant, a Topps Heritage master set builder

Buzz-Collector-Profile-Topps-Heritage-baseball-zpshvuycsxwJimmy Grant
Also known as: Jim2Cat5 on Blowout
Location: Tennessee
Work away from cards: Systems Engineer
Collecting since: 1995

Main focuses: Topps Heritage master sets and Topps Heritage Chrome sets

BuzzProfiles-LogoFavorite players/teams: Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Kris Bryant, Carlos Correa

Current collecting projects: 1 — Completing 2016 Topps Heritage master set — only errors and color swaps remain.
2 — Finding errors and variations from 2008-2011 Topps Heritage. 3 — Grading my collection.

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Buzz Collector Profile: Jeff Cayce, a Tennessee Vols football superfan

Jeff Jude_zpse0yl3emy
Jeff Cayce

Also known as: jcayce or jeffcayce or @CayceJeff or The Big Kat (just a nickname)
Website: Top 10 NeedsUltimate Want List

Location: Franklin, Tenn.
Work away from cards: Technical sales manager and father of two boys
Collecting since: 1986-1992, 2007-present

Main focus: Tennessee Vols Football (college or senior bowl uniform)

BuzzProfiles-LogoFavorite players/teams: Tennessee Vols football

Current collecting projects: Complete cataloged database of UT uniformed cards (currently at 85 percent complete minus 1/1s, 76 percent if 1/1s are included). Also love finding sample, promos, variations, schedules and oddball cards of the Vols.

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Buzz Collector Profile: Adam Williams aka whodey14

20160223_173638_zpsmeyrqhdoAdam Williams
Also known as: whodey14 on Blowout, sportcardking on YouTube or Instagram
Location: Kentucky
Work away from cards: Car salesman
Collecting since: 2006

Main focuses: Bengals, Reds and Celtics as well as side player collections of Walter Payton, Deacon Jones, Otto Graham, Oscar Robertson and other Hall of Famers.

BuzzProfiles-LogoFavorite players/teams: Ken Anderson and the Cincinnati Bengals

Current collecting projects: Trying to get at least one of every Ken Anderson item. Memorabilia as well. His Prestige Banner Seasons Auto /25 and Sweet Spot Gold Auto /100 as well as any low-numbered autos/patches(/5 or so) are some priorities.

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Buzz Collector Profile: John Heckert, a 12-year-old Cleveland (& more) fan

DSCN1761John Heckert
Website: None
Work away from cards: 
Collecting since: 

Main focuses: I collect mainly baseball and football cards, but I collect a bit of basketball and hockey. Also autographs.

Favorite players/teams: My favorite player is Grady Sizemore and my favorite baseball team is the Cleveland Indians. Although he’s a free agent, I decided to start a collection of him a few months ago. For football, my favorite player is Golden Tate and my favorite team is the Detroit Lions. I also like the Browns.

Current collecting projects: I am collecting Grady Sizemore cards and I have decided to try to get the complete 1967 Philadelphia football set because I like the look of the design. My goal is to add 10 cards a year and make it a project that won’t cost a ton but take a while.

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Buzz Collector Profile: Mike Moynihan aka Moyni

MoyniMike Moynihan
Also known as:
Work away from cards:
Financial planner
Collecting since:

Main focuses: I collect Hall of Famer autos and Hall of Famer game-used cards. I also have big Josh Hamilton (almost 2,000 different and more than 100 1/1s) and Ivan Rodriguez (more than 2,500 different with 60 1/1s) player collections. I also have every Topps base set from 1973 to present as well as a bunch of Topps Heritage sets.

Favorite players/teams: Texas Rangers are my favorite team, and I am a big Josh Hamilton and Ivan Rodriguez fan.

Current collecting projects: I am trying to complete the 2015 Panini Immaculate Accolades Materials set. I only need one more card — the Babe Ruth /5.

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Buzz Collector Profile: Tom Gaydos aka hudsonfan15

TomGaydosTom Gaydos
Also Known As: hudsonfan15
BuzzProfiles-LogoLocation: Connecticut
Work away from cards: Client services for a furniture and textiles company
Collecting since: 1989

Main focuses: Rare items of my favorite player/team.

Favorite players/teams: Tim Hudson, Colts, MMA — especially Cowboy Cerrone.

Current collecting projects: Always looking for anything rare/nice of Huddy.

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Buzz Collector Profile: Gary Fisher aka “The Sting Card King”

garyfisher1Gary Fisher
Also Known As: @shinnox on Twitter
Location: Ohio
Work away from cards: games and graphics design
Collecting since: 1990-1999, 2011-present

Main focuses:
 Autographs, memorabilia cards, oddball cards.

Favorite players/teams: Sting and wrestling in general.

Current collecting projects: 2010 TNA Xtreme Green /10 S-T-I-N-G name plate (I still need “S” and “I” so if anyone out there as these, please contact me.)

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Buzz Collector Profile: Austin McPherson aka @texmcpherson

McPherson1Austin McPherson
Also known as: @texmcpherson
Location: Iowa
Work away from cards: Server
Collecting since: 2012

Main focuses: Working on my Buster Posey personal collection and also autographs of stars, semi-stars and prospects.
Favorite players/teams: The Cubs 100 percent! My grandpa was destined to have me be a Cubs fan since birth. Aside from that, the Bryce Harper hype is what got me back into collecting, so I show some favoritism there also. But, as most of the Blowout members should know, my favorite player of all-time is the almighty Buster Posey.

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Buzz Collector Profile: Tanner Jones — aka Mouschi, a Jose Canseco fan

Tanner1Tanner Jones
Also Known As: Mouschi / Tan Man Baseball Fan / @tanmanbbfan
Location: Texas
Work away from cards: Website development
Collecting since: 1989

Main focuses: Jose CansecoBuzzProfiles-Logo
Favorite players/teams: Jose Canseco (on all his teams)

Current collecting projects: Ultimately, anything not yet on my list at including prototypes, samples, test cards, etc. My most-wanted cards are the 1996 Select Certified Mirror Gold, 1997 Pinnacle Totally Certified Platinum Gold and 1998 Donruss Crusade Red.

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Buzz Collector Profile: Jason Dean Martin — a Josh Fogg collector

FoggJason Dean Martin
Also Known As: @jasondeanmartin on Twitter (And everywhere else, too.)
Website: &
Location: Pennsylvania
Work away from cards: Territory Manager for PPG Industries
Collecting since: 1987

Main focuses: Josh Fogg and anything baseball including MLB, MiLB, NCAA and USA. Also errors and variations.BuzzProfiles-Logo

Favorite players/teams: Josh Fogg, Bobby Bonilla, Bryce Harper

Current collecting projects: Josh Fogg (including cards and memorabilia), 1991 Topps errors and variations

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Buzz Collector Profile: Nick Loiacono aka @YanksandBeans

nick LoiaconoNick Loiacono
Also known as: @YanksandBeans
Location: New York
Work away from cards: Mobile DJ (
Collecting since: 1986-91, 2008-present

Main focuses: Through-the-mail autographs, New York Yankees, Thurman Munson, Mariano Rivera, Rickey Henderson, Will Ferrell (on cardboard)

Favorite players/teams: I’ve always loved Yankees first basemen. When I started collecting again in 2008, I decided to “supercollect” Mark Teixeira. It was going good for a long time, but was getting frustrating as I was constantly getting outbid on auction sites by someone I dubbed as my “Nemesis.” Long Story short, that collector was featured on Buzz, Robert Morris, and to this day he remains one of my best collecting friends. I eventually conceded my collection to him and sent him all of my 1/1s to add to his insane collection. I still have great stuff, but I knew when to cut my losses.

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Buzz Collector Profile: Robert Morris aka @dalsubfan

Robert Morris

Also known as: @dalsubfan on Twitter and most other places
Location: Texas
Work away from cards: Manufacturing
Collecting since: 1970-80, 1992-95, 2005-current

Main focuses: My collecting focus is Mark Teixeira cards and whatever else interests me. Hall of Famers, 1/1s, memorabilia …

Favorite players/teams: Mark Teixeira and Texas Rangers

Current collecting projects: In addition to chasing at least one of every Mark Teixeira card made (at 5,700 or 81 percent), I am completing th 2013 Historic Autographs Originals 1933 set. Also working on a bat with Hall of Famer autographs — at 65 so far.

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Buzz Collector Profile: Stacy Marlow aka @slmsolo

StacyBabeRuthStacy Marlow

Also known as: @slmsolo on Twitter
Website: No personal site
Location: Georgia
Work away from cards: Estate Manager for private family
Collecting since: 2012

Main focuses: Atlanta Braves — prospects, veteran/Hall of Fame autographs, in-person
BuzzProfiles-LogoHeritage autos, in-person sweet spot autographs, graded Bowman first-year autos

Favorite players/teams: Atlanta Braves — Chipper Jones, Craig Kimbrel, John Smoltz

Current collecting projects: Currently working on 2015 Topps High Tek John Smoltz auto rainbow/collection (needing two printing proofs to finish) and 2012 Bowman Sterling Lucas Sims rainbow

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Buzz Collector Profile: Ben Aguirre aka CardboardIcons

BenAguirreBen Aguirre
Also known as: @Cardboardicons on Twitter

Location: California
Work away from cards: Law enforcement
Collecting since: 1987

Main focuses: My collecting focus is Rookie Cards of every baseball player with a primary emphasis on Hall of Famers and All-Stars. Additionally I collect memorabilia and autograph BuzzProfiles-Logocards of Hall of Famers and ocassionally work on iconic insert sets, such as the 2000 Greats of the Game autographs set (which I completed in mid-2015) and Elite Series inserts from 1991-1996.

Favorite players/teams: Roger Clemens & Boston Red Sox

Current collecting projects: In addition to chasing Rookie Cards or early cards of Hall of Famers, I am working on the 1994-1996 Elite Series inserts to add onto the 1991-1993 run that I already completed.

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