Gallery: 2016 Topps WWE Undisputed wrestling cards

The second wave of high-end Topps WWE cards in the form of 2016 Topps WWE Undisputed doesn’t arrive for another week, but we’ve got a massive look at many of the cards found in the brand right here.


The company is also creating wall art for nearly all of the base cards and inserts in the product.

ARTWWELE-MET-16WWEU-2131-GOLD-SThe Gold 1/1 metal signs are $99.99 apiece over on the Topps site along with a standard version, but none of them come with what many collectors really want — autographs. There will be eight autographs per box when Undisputed arrives next week.

Until then you can scout the strong batch of images used for the base set, the tag teams inserts, the NXT inserts and the Divas insert, which can all be seen here.

>>> Click here to view the 2016 Topps WWE Undisputed checklist.

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