Rocky Balboa is coming to The National … as a Topps promo set


Topps’ celebration of Rocky‘s 40th anniversary continues at the National Sports Collectors Convention this week with some new old-looking cardboard.

Why? It’s a teaser for a more-comprehensive release for the collection of movies to come at a later time.

CpGsL2VXEAA2kUpA 10-card set of 1976 Topps Traded-inspired cards will be available from the company during the show, which begins Wednesday in Atlantic City, N.J.

More details on the set will be available at the company’s booth, though there may be leftover sets available on after the show. (That has been the routine lately with Star Wars show sets.)

Topps previously announced a Bowman-styled wrapper redemption that should be its hit of the show with a 50-card set that includes stars of the past, present and future as well as their autographs. You can see the details on that one by clicking here.

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