Buzz Break: 2017 Topps Star Wars 40th Anniversary (blaster box)

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The box: 2017 Topps Star Wars 40th Anniversary trading cards (blaster box)
Where to buy: (for hobby)

Packs per box:
 11 (10 standard plus one medallion pack)
Cards per pack: 6
Cards in this box: 62
Base set completion: 
50 of 200 (25 percent)
Duplicates: 0

Insert cards: 12 (see all and some base in gallery below)
Millenium Falcon Medallion (1) – Boba Fett
Star Wars Card Trader Loot Code Card (1) 
Purple parallel (1) – Han Solo is Frozen in Carbonite
Blue parallel (3) – Han Solo is Frozen in Carbonite, Yoda vs. Count Dooku, Star Wars Rebels Season 3
Green parallel (6) Star Wars Rebels Season 2, Kenner Action Figures are Introduced, Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 2, Rogue Squadron: Rogue Leader Released, The Phantom Menace is Released, Heir to The Empire is Published

Autographs/Memorabilia: None

What’s Buzz-worthy: With the arrival of the original Star Wars film coming 40 years ago — and the next one coming late this year — this cardboard release takes a different approach to the monster franchise via a historic look at the stories and characters in the films as well as its extended universe of books, cartoons and comics as well as toys and other merchandise. Why? Because Star Wars really is as big as it gets. The basic set here is pretty large — 200 cards — and it’s got a limited amount of inserts. That’s good and bad. It puts a lot of emphasis on the basic set but that means there’s not a lot of variety when ripping. This box actually over-delivered with a Purple parallel that’s actually only found one in every 10 boxes. Not found in this box — but landable in retail — are buybacks, sketch cards, autograph cards, printing plates, autographed medallion cards and buyback hits. The fact that those are in here — albeit via some longer odds — was one reason this collector opted to try one. Those inclusions have not been standard in past releases and that’s a good thing to find when the hobby print run heats up and make those boxes tougher to crack money-wise. The variety of what’s found in the base set makes this fun to a degree, though, with things like Angry Birds among the sightings in packs but there are some serious stars to be found on the autograph checklist, too. (The big names? They’re in there.) This is a product with some highlights for everyone in the collecting galaxy and a hobby box is a very strong way to go if you know this one’s for you. If not totally sure, a blaster is worth an affordable try.

Product Grade: A
Box Grade:
Fun Grade: B

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