Will Ferrell, NFL greats among those found in 2015 Topps Dynasty baseball card checklist

WillFerrell2015ToppsDynastyWhen 2015 Topps Dynasty baseball cards begin arriving in hobby shops on Wednesday, collectors who rip in might have a surprise or two inside the pricey one-card-per-pack boxes.

Dan Marino, Russell Wilson, Ichiro Suzuki, John Elway and Will Ferrell to be precise.

Sure, four of them never played in an MLB game that counted — but their appeal will carry them well in the secondary market. Dynasty is Topps’ highest-end baseball product with just one signed patch card or cut autograph per pack.

Topps released the final checklist on Monday so let’s take a peek at what’s inside.

MarinoThe three football players either played minor league baseball or were drafted by an MLB team. Wilson’s rights are held by the Texas Rangers, Marino was drafted by the Kansas City Royals and Elway played for the New York Yankees organization. Meanwhile, Ferrell played for 10 different teams during a single day during spring training and will appear on cards as a Los Angeles Angel and an Arizona Diamondback.

Suzuki will appear with all three of his MLB teams and he’s among a few players who have more than one card in the release. Among those players are Roger Clemens (Astros and Red Sox), Ken Griffey Jr. (Mariners, Reds), Rickey Henderson (A’s, Mets), Reggie Jackson (A’s, Angels), Randy Johnson (Giants, Mariners) and Mark McGwire (A’s, Cardinals).

Others of note in this one will include reigning NL Rookie of the Year Kris Bryant, NL MVP Bryce Harper, Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, Clayton Kershaw, Greg Maddux, Mike Piazza, Buster Posey, Cal Ripken Jr., Mariano Rivera and Mike Trout.

Seven legends will have autographed dual Relics in this one — Don Mattingly, Frank Robinson, Hank Aaron, Johnny Bench, Ozzie Smith, Steve Carlton and Sandy Koufax.

Among those a lengthy cut auto checklist are Al Simmons, Babe Ruth, Cy Young, Ernie Banks, Happy Chandler, Joe DiMaggio, Jimmie Foxx, Jackie Robinson, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, Nap Lavoie, Pee Wee Reese, Rogers Hornsby, Roger Maris, Satchel Paige, Ty Cobb, Ted Williams, Robero Clemente and legendary announcer Harry Caray to name a few.

To view the checklist for 2015 Topps Dynasty, visit The Checklist Zone.

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