Pearl Jam plays Fenway Park Sunday — and that means “baseball cards”

s-l1600-5Pearl Jam has three dates to come lined up in some notable baseball stadiums this month and that combination of concerts and landmark MLB parks means one thing.

Baseball cards.

It also means some pretty sweet concert posters like the one above by artist Steve Thomas, but it’s the band’s 60-card set of “baseball cards” with a distinct 1991 Topps style complete with wax-paper packaging that are sparking interest online.


According to the band’s website, Fenway merch went on sale on Tuesday with the packs of cards costing $5.

Asking prices for boxes are crazy — as high as $1,399 right now — with plenty of other flippers getting in on the cards. Part of this likely stems from the very high demand for cards the last time the band made them for a Wrigley Field date back in 2013.

You can bet there will be even more to come when the band plays Wrigley Field for a pair of dates, Aug. 20 and Aug. 22.

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