Kansas City Royals’ Rally Mantis finally gets a baseball card


It’s been bugging many of us for a while this season, but it’s given the defending World Series champion Kansas City Royals something to rally behind.

It’s the Rally Mantis and today, for 24 hours only, it gets a baseball card.

Since their new teammate arrived in the dugout on Aug. 6, the team has gone 17-4 and it’s that piece of trivia that perhaps makes this card one to land as part of the Topps Now program of real-time baseball cards offered initially only via Topps.com for 24 hours.

It’s one of three cards offered today by the company starting at $9.99 per card with quantity discounts available. They are made precisely to order — so if it’s hot there will be plenty. If it bugs people, there will be few.

For more on Topps Now — and to see a gallery of all past cards — click here.

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