Trevor Siemian is Denver Broncos’ starter — with just two Rookie Cards


It’s not been pretty on the quarterback front for the Denver Broncos in 2016 with the exit of a legend, Peyton Manning, the exit of his long-term understudy, Brock Osweiler, and the preseason messes of Mark Sanchez.

But there is a highlight with the arrival of Trevor Siemian in the starting spot in Denver.

No, really.


The highlight? Siemian has just two Rookie Cards and only one of them is autographed. His 2015 Panini Contenders card is the signed one and his 2015 Crown Royale is the only other RC of the guy at the helm of the defending Super Bowl champions.

Contenders is the only brand that includes his ink — he appears on eight parallels to his RC — while Crown Royale was the only other brand to have him in packs. He’s got 19 other cards there besides his RC.

Sure, Paxton Lynch is waiting in the wings, but with so few cards for Siemian there’s bound to be more action now. Rarer graded parallels of his auto have shown signs of high-end life, while other completed auctions seem to be heating up.

Active auctions show a decent amount of attention being paid to his basic Contenders RCs, while Crown Royale is a lower-volume card with some parallels generating decent dollars (a high of $25 for a parallel /25) with room to grow.

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