Garbage Pail Kids keep going with Trumpocracy: The First 100 Days


The Disgrace to The White House is over, so now it’s time for the Trumpocracy: The First 100 Days.

It’s the latest Garbage Pail Kids set to emerge from Topps as an online-only release and it arrived on Tuesday with a number of moments that have dominated the airwaves since just Friday.


There are five Garbage Pail Kids and two Wacky Packages that make up the first wave of Trumpocracy stickers.

Among them? Madonna and her explosive comments on Saturday, Press Secretary Sean Spicer and his inflammatory comments Saturday night, Donald Trump‘s CIA visit, Kellyanne Conway‘s “alternative facts” and more.

Unlike other GPKs, these don’t come in pairs — just one sticker per painting is available for just 24 hours with them made to order. That means if 25 copies are demanded, 25 get made — or if 4,026 are ordered that many get made.

Each of them is just $9.99 (or $44.99 for a bundle) and they are only initially available via

Update: The ongoing gallery has been updated to add each day’s cards and will be updated as new ones arrive.

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