Derek Jeter Topps Now push sets new record for total cards sold

The Captain didn’t top Ichiro Suzuki‘s single-card Topps Now sales record, but an array of cards for the New York Yankees’ retirement of Derek Jeter‘s uniform number did sell more total cards than any other player in a single day.

More than 17,000 Jeter cards were sold by Topps on Monday, including a number of autographed Relics and Relics along with his two standard cards — one for his Monument Park plaque and one for his retired number.

The record for the most copies of a single card is still Suzuki’s 11,550, which came after his 3,000th career hit last season.

“Topps Now captures the greatest moments as they happen throughout the season, and Derek Jeter’s number retirement ceremony was something that Yankees fans and baseball fans are going to remember for a long time,” said Jeff Heckman, Topps Director of E-Commerce. “It will be a special part of people’s collections, and we are thrilled to capture the moment.”

Launched last year, Topps Now allows fans to buy sports cards made in real time and printed to order only during a 24-hour buying window via The top cards this year have been Jeter’s two cards — 7,791 sold for card No. 147 and 5,751 for card No. 148 — along with the MLB debut card of Chicago Cubs rookie Ian Happ (2,241 sold) and a card for Yankees rookie Aaron Judge (2,151 sold).

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