Now available in packs … Garbage Pail Kids skateboards?

A new ground-breaking arrival hit the market on Monday and it’s something pretty simple that we’re pretty sure hasn’t happened before.

A Garbage Pail Kids skateboard in a pack.

No, really … it’s a new line from Topps and Santa Cruz Skateboards.

Every pack of this one — an 8.25- by 32-inch creation by the way — includes a skateboard with a take on the Garbage Pail Kids’ Adam Bomb inside.

Some are rarer than others (see start of the gallery) and the there are also a number of custom art boards with original work from a number of artists — Jimbo Phillips, Tallboy, Pitchgrim, Horsebites, Suzanne Fiore, Keith Haupt, Aye Jay, Esayde, Pseudo5, Bart Saric, Tyler Emanuel, Lucas Musgrave, Ted Cocuzza, Ben Raney and Funeral French.

There are also boards with alternate background colors. For more info, click here.

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