Today’s the day to own a Kane Hodder autograph card

It’s Friday The 13th.

Rumor has it, today’s the day for bad luck — and it’s been that way for years — but today’s also a day for horror movie fans to celebrate a franchise with a dozen films and the iconic Jason Voorhees.

But if you want an autograph from Kane Hodder, the first person to play “Jason” in more than one Friday The 13th film, well, you have limited options.

Hodder’s only trading card appearances are in the 2008 Donruss Americana II release from Donruss/Playoff (now Panini America) and it’s a set where he’s got just one autographed card. No autograph parallels, no other autographed inserts, nothing — just one signed card.

A total of 301 serial-numbered cards in the set can be found with his autograph and that’s it. He’s got just eight other unsigned cards in the product and they all look the same save for stock or foil changes for the parallels.

You can find other items and photos signed by Hodder pretty easily so there’s no reason to break the bank on this Friday, but the signed cards aren’t that easily found. The only recent sale on eBay was $20, while one active has an asking price of $50. Meanwhile, him not being in the mask may limit its appeal somewhat — though it’s the only certified-card option you have.

Other actors who have taken on the role in various forms include Ari Lehman, Steve Dash, Warrington Gillette, Richard Brooker, Ted White, Tom Morga, C.J. Graham, Ken Kirzinger and Derek Mears. Do they have cardboard? I’ll leave you to hunt … you don’t need a machete, though.

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