Yep, Mets star Matt Harvey signed that … and we’re no Joker

Matt-Harvey-Autographed-Batman-Mask-MLB-Authenticated--HARVMAS000001~PRODUCT_01--IMG_1200-1314281700If you’re a baseball fan, you know the comic book references were thick this year with the National League champion New York Mets.

Those things happen when you have Thor, Captain America and The Dark Knight all on one team.

But, we need to know, do you own their autographs?

One unique item being sold by Steiner Sports right now is an MLB Authenticated Batman mask signed by Matt Harvey. (He’s The Dark Knight on the roster if you’ve missed out on all the action lately.)

It appears to be a retail-style mask with its hang tag still attached — that way you know this one wasn’t previously used or something.

It’s price? Just $399.99.

No, we’re not The Joker. That’s the price you’ll have to pay for a New York novelty these days. Just think what baseball’s Iron Man might go for if he was on the coaching staff …

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