Topps Fire baseball set returns for second season as wall art & jumbos

2016-topps-fire-baseball-wall-art .07Topps Fire is back.

The colorful and energetic release of last year is back on the same platforms — wall art and jumbo card sets — for this year as Topps unleashed 2016 Topps Fire Wednesday on

2016-topps-fire-baseball-wall-art .52This year, a selection of 20 players — past and present — can be found in standard and Gold formats for 10-by-14 prints as well as part of a pair of 5-by-7 sets. The regular prints are limited to 49 copies and are $29.99 apiece, while the Golds are 1/1s and start at $99.99.

The standard 5-by-7 card set is limited to 99 copies at $49.99, while the Gold set is limited to 10 copies at $199.99.

These releases are only initially available via and you can see a selection of the images below.

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