S. Preston’s Minimalist Mascots finally get official MLB licensing nod

S-Preston-Minimalist-mascots-print-HOUIf you’re a long-time reader of The Buzz, you should remember sports artist S. Preston, who focuses on the small details and builds artwork around those little things that sports fans see and appreciate.

After a year of waiting for MLB licensing, Preston’s work is back with a new series of Minimalist Mascots prints, which are now available with a focus on the fast and furry-ous stars often found running around the ballpark.

The pieces were part of his portfolio back when we first visited his work in December but could not be sold because they were not licensed. Now, though, they are available to fans.

S-Preston-Minimalist-mascots-print-ALLA number of MLB mascots as well as the famed San Diego Chicken are available as prints showing just part of their unique looks but with the same whimsical possibilities. A composite print also is available showing 25 mascots.

The smallest prints — 8.5 by 11 — are $34.99, while 14-by-20s are $59.99 and 24-by-32s are $169.99. For most (but not all) mascots, they are also available as 11-by-17 posters with MLB logos placed on one corner of the piece for $29.99.

Each of the prints is digitally printed on museum-grade 100-percent acid-free archival art paper using 10-color Epson Ultrachrome K3 archival ink.

To see them all, check out the gallery below. To learn more about the line, click here.

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