Gallery: 2016 Topps The Walking Dead Survival Box autos & Relics


Topps’ first high-end brand for one of TV’s biggest shows is here and the 2016 Topps The Walking Dead Survival Box will pack plenty of ink alongside the gore of the long-running hit.

Top stars like Norman Reedus have signed on here and there will be autographs of Jeffrey Dean Morgan whose redemptions are inserted into boxes as bonus hits.

But they aren’t alone.


Each box includes four hits with a mix of autographs and Relics, though there are other cards such as booklets and printing plates also in play along with a number of parallels. For more details and a gallery, check out the First Buzz preview here.

Checklist>>2016 Topps The Walking Dead Survival Box.

Here’s a sampling of what’s been pulled from boxes and put on eBay so far along with a Topps preview image of what Morgan’s card will look like once redeemed. Check ’em out …

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