Topps & New Era team up once again for card-cap crossover promo

Topps and New Era are bringing the cards to the caps.

Two baseball card sets — 2017 Topps and 1987 Topps — get some of their design touches added to caps in a new line from New Era that will be available in some MLB ballparks and other stores beginning next week. All teams will be had in caps that have their visors branded using memorable elements from the card sets as well as a Topps logo on the side.

For the 1987 caps, there are wood-grain bills (not actual wood) and “The Real One!”, a past Topps slogan, on the back. The 2017 caps use the striping pattern and team logo on the cards on the bills. The 1987 caps will have embroidered team logos, while the 2017 caps will have a LiquidChrome logo. Both styles are $34.

“This collaboration between two heritage brands aligned with Major League Baseball allows fans to rekindle their baseball memories from the past while also offering a modern twist to create additional memories for the future,” said Tony DeSimone, the Baseball Category Director at New Era Cap. “Topps has been a great partner in helping us design and produce these caps that will surely resonate with both longtime and newer baseball fans.”

There also will be cards. As part of the promotion, there will be a 32-card set that found only at MLB ballparks when purchasing select Topps and New Era products. That begins on Aug. 1. They’ll get one eight-card pack with the purchase of a cap and team set.

Click here to view the checklist.

“The New Era caps are a great way to bring many baseball fans back to their childhoods while showcasing the new technologies that Topps has to offer on modern cards,” said Dan Kinton, Topps’ VP of Sales and Marketing. “Seeing the Topps designs brought to life on New Era caps has been nothing short of amazing. The New Era caps really capture the essence of the card designs.”

Another twist in the packs? Memorabilia cards — made from caps — will also be found in packs. Among them will be Jose Altuve, Dellin Betances, Mookie Betts, Josh Donaldson, Bryce Harper, Rick Porcello, Buster Posey, Kyle Schwarber, Corey Seager, Dansby Swanson and Noah Syndergaard. All cards will be limited to just 99 copies.

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