Topps Chrome Sapphire Edition returns — with guaranteed Superfractors & autos in every box

Topps’ high-end Sapphire Edition of Topps Chrome is back — and this time it’s packing Superfractors and autographs in every single box.

Keep reading for details on this online-0nly release.

Limited to only 250 sets just like last year, the 2017 Topps Chrome Sapphire Edition includes five rookie autographs, two Superfractors and 13 bonus parallel cards with every 700-card set. It’s $1,500 and only initially available via

Among the signers or this one will include Alex Bregman, Andrew Benintendi, Aaron Judge, Yoan Moncada and several other rookies. Ink will have the following variations — Blue (/50), Orange (/25), Ruby (/10) and Superfractor (1/1).

You can see the full set and signer lineup by clicking here (checklist).

Update: BlowoutTV’s Houdini is group-breaking these and some of the results are in the gallery below.

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2 thoughts on “Topps Chrome Sapphire Edition returns — with guaranteed Superfractors & autos in every box

  1. TBDRO October 11, 2017 / 1:36 pm

    What parallels are included in the set? I haven’t seen any information about them.


  2. David J October 16, 2017 / 11:13 am

    On sale for a week and they sold just over 100 sets. I am sure a lot of these are going to breakers and flippers. I definitely have to wonder how many will stay as complete sets. There are still 145 sets left for sale, so I also have to wonder if these will go on discount for Black Friday sale next month.


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