First Buzz: 2018 Bowman baseball cards (updated)

What: 2018 Bowman baseball cards
Arrives: April 25
Box basics: Three autographs per 12-pack jumbo box (eight boxes per case); One autograph per 24-pack hobby box (12 boxes per case)

What’s buzz-worthy: Bowman returns with a new look, new prospects and even a new inclusion — two-player double-sided (and on-card) autographs as seen above.

Keep reading for more info as well as a full gallery of images.

The Basics: New for 2018 will be Bowman Sterling continuity inserts found two per jumbo box and a selection of inserts that includes #BowmanTrending cards, new Sky Blue parallels and more. … The base set will include a selection of MLB veterans and rookies, while there will, of course, be a set of prospects on both paper and Chrome stock. … On the autograph front, there will be Chrome Prospect autos, Chrome Rookie autos and Rookie of the Year favorite autos, too. Among rarer and new autograph inclusions are Dual Bowman Prospect autos and Bowman Sterling continuity ink, while the customary prep All-America autos also will be in play, too.  Details for parallel rainbows were not released but colors will include Gold, Sky Blue, Red and Superfractor finishes among them. (It’s likely the standard with new additions but they weren’t formally broken down by Topps.) Only found in hobby boxes will be Atomic Refractors, while the Sterling Continuity cards will be one per box in those.

Update (Nov. 18) with retail details: Green will be the color exclusive to retail with Green Refractors only in the mix there along with standard-stock autographs. There will also be Green parallels for base cards, prospects and #BowmanTrending inserts. To go with the new shade of blue paper parallels there also will be blue auto parallels found here. Oh, and, a reminder … when Shohei Otani comes to MLB this is one of his first likely landing spots for cardboard. … Now, for formats there will be value packs ($9.99 suggested retail price) with three 10-card packs and three Green parallels inside, gravity feed boxes with 36 10-card packs ($2.99 SRP per pack), 22-card jumbo packs ($5.99), eight-pack blaster boxes ($19.99) and 24-pack boxes (12 per case).

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One thought on “First Buzz: 2018 Bowman baseball cards (updated)

  1. Chas G. November 15, 2017 / 3:47 pm

    Two sided auto cards are BAD! Who wants a card where you can only show one side? And if one player stinks, the card is ruined going forward. Please Topps, never do that again.


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