Buzz Break: 2015 Panini Americana trading cards (hobby box)


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The box: 2015 Panini Americana (hobby box)
Where to buy: Click here

Packs per box: 10
Cards per pack: 5
Cards in this box: 51
Base set completion: 
25 of 73 (34 percent)
Duplicates: 0

Notables on base cards – John C. McGinley, Corbin Bernsen, Joan Collins, Katrina Bowden, Vanilla Ice, Aly Raisman, Gabreille Reece, Bradley Cooper, Martin Short, Chris Jericho, Joe Manganiello, Ian Ziering, Lea Michele, James Earl Jones, Tiffani Thiessen

Insert/short-print cards: 22 (all inserts in gallery below)
Blue parallel (8) –Laura Prepon, Steven Bauer, Coolio, Gary Owen, Vince Neil, Paula Abdul, Hulk Hogan, Ali Larter
Screen Legends (2) – Bette Davis, Ginger Rogers
Screen Legends Co-Stars (2) – Robert Mitchum & Lillian Gish, Hedy Lamarr & Jimmy Stewart
On The Tube Modern (2) – Jaleel White, James Earl Jones
On The Tube Vintage (1) – Jayne Mansfield
Winner’s Circle Combos (1) – Chantal Sutherland-Kruse & Bob Baffert
Winner’s Circle (1) – Jerry Bailey
Certified Silver Albums (2) – Common, Vanilla Ice
Certified Silver Singles (2) – Vanilla Ice, MC Lyte
Freeze Frame (1) – Eliza Dushku

Autographs/Memorabilia: 4
Americana Autographs (2)  Rev Run, Slade Smiley
On The Tube Modern Autographs (1) – 
Vince Neil
Silver Screen Triple Materials (1) – 
Ingrid Bergman (/299)

What’s Buzz-worthy: As said in a previous break of this, Panini America’s most-recent edition of Americana is a fun bargain rip these days at a fraction of its original price ($25 for this box vs. $100 or more upon release). If you’re a regular reader of The Buzz, you’ll know I’ve busted a few of these but this one over-delivered on the ink (three instead of two) and did include one of the things I aim to avoid — a reality TV auto (Smiley). The other two? Solid music additions to the overall auto collection with Run-DMC’s Rev and Mötley Crüe’s lead singer, though Neil’s auto is a very minimalist symbol best not on stickers and the Run card shows how cards in this release can often be found with seepage when ink hits the edge of the sticker. But for the price? I’m OK with it — nobody’s perfect when signing. … The checklist of this one has some big ink — anyone on a base card also has an auto — though the basic set design and its auto parallels aren’t the flashiest. (The design is modern and clean but a dull gray but stronger than the 2011 release but arguably not as good as earlier ones. The parallels really shine here.) The autograph lineup leans toward today — much more so than previous Americana releases — and the prices on the singles aren’t huge but that makes them all a tad more collectable. If you can find hobby boxes cheap, it’s definitely worth the rip just to add some variety to your autograph collection.

Product Grade: A-
Box Grade:
Fun Grade: A-

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