Keith Jackson’s decades in game didn’t spawn much cardboard

One of the most-memorable voices in college football — if not all of broadcasting — has gone silent as Keith Jackson has died. He was 89.

His career started in the 1950s and he continued working until the mid-2000s with his “Whoa, Nellie!” catch-phrase heard countless times calling 15 Rose Bowls and plenty more during a stretch for ABC that began broadcasting college games in 1966. Jackson also called World Series games, Olympic events and worked on the Monday Night Football broadcast team.

And that’s where his perhaps only standard football card comes into play.

Back in 1994, Action Packed included Jackson in its Monday Night Football boxed set, a 71-card release that included cards of Don Meredith, Howard Cosell, Frank Gifford, Brent Musberger, Lynn Swann and Jackson — the announcing teams that had helped bring the festivities to life — along with stars of the time.

Jackson likely has a handful of cut autograph appearances from the past but this appears to be his only standard-issue football card appearance despite decades around the game.

For more on his legendary career, check out this piece from The Los Angeles Times.

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