Topps’ Transcendent Collection party invitations fetch big bucks


The days on the calendar are moving closer and closer to an evening in Las Vegas next month where 65 high-rolling baseball card collectors are guaranteed to meet one of baseball’s biggest stars.

The priciest box of baseball cards ever made, 2016 Topps Transcendent Collection, recently arrived packing 168 cards inside — 52 of those autographed — inside along with an invitation to a Jan. 18 party in Las Vegas to meet reigning National League MVP and World Series champion Kris Bryant.

That invite is arguably the big-ticket guaranteed item in every box and it includes hotel accommodations in Vegas, cocktails, dinner and a special gift in addition to meeting Bryant. To some fans, it’s the item to own. So far, nearly 10 percent of the 65 passes have sold on eBay, selling for as much as $5,499.99 (in tandem with another card) and one of them can be found over on the mothership. How much? Click here to find out.


“Going to an event like this is every sports fan’s dream,” said David Leiner, Topps’ VP & GM of the North American Sports and Entertainment Division. “You can’t get this type of experience anywhere else. Whoever gets to go to the event will meet Kris Bryant in an intimate setting and talk to one of the best young players in today’s game. It’s going to be amazing.”

Just 65 boxes of 2016 Topps Transcendent Collection were made and they also all include one 1/1 Bryant autograph using one of the past Topps baseball designs like the 1989 card seen here, one more 1/1 auto, one 1/1 sketch card, one oversized 1/1 cut signature box-topper, 49 autographs limited to no more than 52 copies, one set of Iconic base cards limited to just 65 copies and one set of 65 reproduction sketch cards limited to 65 copies. How much is a briefcase? Click here to see the latest price.

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2 thoughts on “Topps’ Transcendent Collection party invitations fetch big bucks

  1. Pat Ebben December 19, 2016 / 1:27 pm

    What a waste of money


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