First Buzz: 2017 TRISTAR Signature Series

What: 2017 TRISTAR Signature Series
Arrives: Dec. 13
Box basics: One autographed item per envelope (10 envelopes per case).

What’s buzz-worthy: TRISTAR’s Signature Series is the final product of the year with just 75 10-pack cases of authenticated autographed memorabilia inside.

The Basics: There will be a number of “Hot Hits” with an estimated value of more than $450 in this product. There will be live items in some envelopes but due to the nature of the memorabilia product most will be redemptions. There will be more than 275 different signers found in this one with varying types of memorabilia from the sports, politics and entertainment worlds. All autographs are authenticated by TRISTAR or major authenticators.

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