Who might make the cut for First Pitch in 2016 Topps Series 1?

Topps-AlbaOne of the surprises in last year’s Topps baseball card set was First Pitch, a collection of celebrities seen throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at MLB games.

It’s back for 2016 Topps Series 1 — a set that’s just 13 days away — and it’s still a secret as the checklist has not yet been revealed. (Nor has the design — so you can settle for last year’s Jessica Alba card above.)

But Buzz has done some research to perhaps discover who’ll be in this year’s set. We don’t know how many cards there might be, but they’ll be found a few times per box.

Keep reading for the possibilities.

Below are 21 ceremonial first pitches that took place between May and the World Series in October. Let’s figure that the set will consist of 12 cards for simplicity. Buzz skipped the first pitches of NFL and NBA stars — they already have cards (though a Richard Sherman Mariners First Pitch card would have its appeal) — and bolded the 12 that he thinks will make the cut.

Tim McGraw — Mets, Oct 31. This one may not make the cut because it was so late in the year (and likely in the 2016 Topps production cycle) but consider that his dad is former Mets pitcher Tug McGraw. It makes sense to see him here.  

Marcia Gay Harden — Dodgers, Sept. 21. She’s had cards before and even appeared in some baseball movies.

Nancy O’Dell — Red Sox, Sept. 8. The Entertainment Tonight host would probably talk about her baseball card on the show. Mark her down.

Billie Joe Armstrong — A’s Sept. 5. There seemed to be a good amount of musicians in the first two sets — and they sold well — so the Green Day front man seems likely.

Willie Robertson — White Sox, Aug. 31. The Duck Dynasty hotness has worn off, but he was a college football star at Louisiana Tech, so … it’s a possibility.

John McEnroe — Mets, Aug. 29. The tennis legend on a Mets card. Somebody out there must *$@*-ing love that call.

Kristy Swanson — Cubs, Aug. 22. The original Buffy The Vampire Slayer will get a card.  

Nina Agdal — Angels, Aug. 17. Typically the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue models show up in Allen & Ginter. Buzz saved her for that.

Johnny Knoxville — Dodgers, Aug. 16. He’s much more than a Jackass — so he’ll make the set.

Carli Lloyd — Mariners, Aug. 11. The USA Soccer star is probably the most-likely of many from the team to make the cut after ceremonial pitches.

Caroline Wozniacki — Dodgers, Aug. 2. This tennis star could make a card, but Buzz picked others over her toward the final cut.

Jack Eichel — Red Sox, July 24. The No. 2 pick in the NHL Draft could have some appeal on cardboard … but Buzz thinks others would have more.

Hello Kitty — Dodgers, July 8. Why not? Buzz could see this happening. There were a lot of mascot-type first pitches last year …

Jim Harbaugh — Tigers, June 30. This one is a given for Michigan. Khakis and all.

Victor Espinoza — Angels, June 16. There could be a few horse-racing First Pitch cards this year (Bob Baffert also did the honors) but Buzz doesn’t think they have that much appeal compared to others here.

Lisa Leslie — Dodgers, June 8. This WNBA great has had a lot of cardboard but this would end up being a unique one.

Amy Van Dyken-Rouen — Diamondbacks, June 7. The photo on the card of this former Olympian might be quite striking and perhaps inspirational to others. She threw out the first pitch from a wheelchair after she suffered a spinal injury in an ATV accident.

LaVar Burton — White Sox, June 5. Buzz is betting someone on the Topps staff is either a Trekkie … or a Reading Rainbow fan.

Bill Goldberg — Mets, May 19. Who’s Next? This former WCW and WWE bruiser had better be on a card.

Carrie Brownstein — Mariners, May 9. This actress and musician is part of the Portlandia cast and a member of the band Sleater-Kinney. Buzz isn’t up on either entity but bets she could easily make the cut.

Urban Meyer — Yankees, May 8. A college football coach in Yankees pinstripes. Bet on it.

Who’ll make the cut? We’ll find out when the final checklist arrives soon.

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