Topps readies Topps Now cards & promos for Fan Fest & UFC 200

CormierJones200Topps Now is coming to the Octagon — and it won’t be the only new cardboard from UFC 200.

The company revealed Tuesday that it’s launching the real-time cardboard service for MMA fans starting with the event tomorrow. Images of those cards will be available when they launch.

“UFC is the perfect fit to incorporate into the Topps Now program immediately,” said Jeff Heckman, Topps’ Director of New Product Development & eCommerce Marketplace. “Every weekend there are great fights happening; we have seen a number of title changes over the last several months. Topps Now is the best way to capture these moments and give UFC fans a collectible they will treasure.”

TateNunes200Promo cards will be made for the UFC Fan Fest, which coincides with the fight night on Saturday. There will be six promos for the card with a limit of two per day available at the company’s booth for the event.

The company’s new Knockout trading app revealed last week will be demonstrated for fans at the event. while they also will have a chance to make their own trading card.

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