Topps Now has the World Baseball Classic covered on cardboard

Topps Now is the answer to the question of how the World Baseball Classic will be covered when it comes to baseball cards.

The real-time baseball card platform launched its 2017 Topps Now WBC set on Monday with cards from the Team Israel victory over Korea.

“We’re excited for the progression of the Topps Now program and bringing these cards to a wider audience of baseball fans,” said David Leiner, Topps’ GM and VP of North American Sports and Entertainment. “This program has been a lot of fun since its inception to see what great moments and milestones we can capture on cards. The World Baseball Classic is a natural fit because it offers great plays from international stars, and there are also players whose cards you might not be able to get anywhere else.”

The cards are $24.99 for a three-card bundle or $9.99 per card and are available for only 24 hours. They will be printed to order and will not be available after the ordering window closes.

Once the quarterfinals begin, Topps will produce team sets with bonus cards available for teams that advance. The company also is planning game-used Relics with bases, baseballs, jerseys and more in the works for the baseball cards documenting the event.

We’ll update the gallery below for this set as they are announced during this event and then launch a new gallery for the regular season set once it’s revealed.

Another new touch for the Topps Now program? For the Spanish-speaking countries in the event cards will be written in Spanish.

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