Buzz Break: 2017 Topps Allen & Ginter baseball cards (blaster box)

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The box: 2017 Topps Allen & Ginter baseball cards (blaster box)
Where to buy:

Packs per box: 8
Cards per pack: 6
Cards in this box: 49
Base set completion: 
28 of 300 (9 percent)
Duplicates: 0

Notables on base cards – Lou Gehrig, Ty Cobb, Ted Williams, Sandy Koufax, Ichiro Suzuki, Miguel Cabrera, Buster Posey, Carlos Correa

Rookie Cards (4) – Teoscar Hernandez, JaCoby Jones, Mitch Haniger, Trey Mancini (SP)

Insert cards: 21 (all in gallery below along with a few base cards)
Short-prints (Nos. 301-350) (4) – Jeff Bagwell, Kenley Jansen, Corey Dickerson, Trey Mancini (RC)
Mini parallel (3) – Roger Maris, Jose Altuve, Jesse Winker
Mini Allen & Ginter back parallel (2) – Hunter Dozier, Jorge Alfaro
World’s Dudes (1) – Hunting Guide Dude
Magicians & Illusionists (1) – P.T. Selbit
Horse in the Race (1) – Mustang
Revolutionary Battles (1) – Battle of Trenton
Sport Fish & Fishing Lures (1) – Rainbow Trout & Spoon
World’s Fair (2) – The Great Wharf, Sunsphere
What a Day! (4) – Jackie Robinson, Albert Pujols, Bryce Harper, Robinson Cano
Rediscover Topps buyback (1) – 1987 Topps Oakland A’s Leaders

Autographs/Memorabilia: None

What’s Buzz-worthy: Based on the odds, there are a number of inserts in this one that aren’t found in every box (buybacks and Magicians are one in every five boxes, while Battles and Dudes are in every other box) but other than some big retired names this box still felt flat. Why? In part, I think the base set lacks a lot of variety — just mugshot after mugshot — and then some interesting (as always with Ginter) but not-that-flashy inserts. … The strong rookie class this year will help drive interest but they were nowhere to be found here. There are some big, big cards possible in these boxes, as always, but this Ginter collector (pre-0rderer in 2006 and ripper ever since) is going to watch the secondary market and pick off what’s interesting this year vs. ripping a ton of wax. Buzz will do one hobby box here soon so we’ll see if that gut feeling on this one changes after that. It easily could — because Ginter is always one of the best-crafted releases of the year.

Product Grade: A-
Box Grade:
Fun Grade: B

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