Spoiler Alert: Daisy Ridley autographs arrive in Topps’ Star Wars set as mystery redemption


Update (Aug. 8, 2016): After a long wait, Ridley has been confirmed as being the mystery auto by Topps.

Topps has released the checklist for 2015 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Series 1, and it includes a Mystery Redemption on the autograph checklist.

But there’s no mystery — it’s Daisy Ridley. (It says so right on the checklist.)

>> Click here to view the 2015 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Series 1 checklist as released by Topps

Among the signers, only Ridley and John Boyega are the only signers among the new cast. The rest are notable names from the past films who’ll apparently appear in The Force Awakens. Among them are Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Kenny Baker and Peter Mayhew.

Keep reading for a full autograph checklist and more details.

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The autograph signers are listed below.

John Boyega as Finn
Carrie Fisher as Leia Organa
AnthonyDaniels as C-3PO
Kenny Baker as R2-D2
Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca
Mike Quinn as Nien Nunb
Tim Rose as Admiral Ackbar
Warwick Davis as Wollivan
Harrison Ford as Han Solo (Retro Autograph)
Mystery Redemption: Daisy Ridley as Rey

Dual Autographs
Carrie Fisher and Anthony Daniels
Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker
Mike Quinn and Tim Rose
Anthony Daniels and Peter Mayhew

Triple Autograph
Carrie Fisher, Peter Mayhew and Anthony Daniels

The standard set will consist of 60 character cards and 40 storyline cards that have one-liners explaining the scene in the film (we’ll spare you any details there but they are on the PDF).

StarWarsCastAmong the eight insert sets in this one will be a Behind the Scenes set, which leads off with “The Cast Assembled” on card No. 1. That’s presumably this now-famous photo that marked the formal start for all involved on the project. Other inserts include stickers, locations, movie scenes, concept art, character montages, weapons and a set called “The First Order Rises.”


Retail blaster boxes will include a medallion card inside every one and there 66 different cards in the release with two batches of short-printed cards noted on the checklist.

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There will be a Stormtrooper Relic set in this one as well with 10 cards in that one all denoting what piece the Relic came from on the costume — Chest Plate, Corset, Pauldrons, Upper Arm,  Forearm,  Thigh, Back Plate, Lower Leg, Seat or Cannister.

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